Make AR compatible!


Its not fair that some of us cant enjoy all the features of the game! AR is like one of the coolest features and its not fair I can’t use it!


assuming you are on android, what you are asking for is a function of google and your phone manufacturer, not ludia.


I am on iPhone 6 and also can’t use AR and that’s what I was most looking forward to!! It makes me and my son sad when we find cool dinos together that we can’t take pics with them in ar.


what version of IOS are you running?

your device is supported if you are running 11.


For AR to work, at least for my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8), you need to download an app called AR Core. This allows AR to work on your phone.


I’m running iOS12 but my phone is just a iPhone6 and is not on the list of comparable phones and when I push the ar button on my screen it comes up and says my phone is Not compatable. So just running iOS 11 or up does Not mean it will work.


I was disappointed that my new phone - Samsung J6, a 2018 model - still doesn’t support AR (or AR Core). Didn’t help that the first time i used it was after the 1.4 update and saw the AR button appear - now it just takes you to a screen that says “tough luck” (or may as well) :frowning: