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Make bosses standing on one place

Due to that stupid megalosuchus boss I lost my chance to dart tenontosaurus which I got to dart from Valentine’s scent.
That stupid boss keeps roaming at one place, whenever I click tenontosayrus, boss appears with the option create, even if it walks away from it, still same things happen.

Again with weurhosaurus, only with rares, why?
If allosaurus appears it is working properly. These bosses are preventing me from darting high rarities only. Not happens for commons

NO. The problem is NOT that they are moving but the broken hitboxes on Megalo and Grypolith.
Megalo and Grypolith alone need a fix. No other boss takes so much hitbox space on map.

Bosses moving around is a blessing when you have one on the egde of your range and it can sometimes move in and out.


Exactly. The fact that they are moving is actually to prevent them being in the way. Just because the hitbox is bugged doesn’t mean the moving is the issue.

There are several topics about this issue already.
Any update on this @Ned ?


I can’t get the one treasure chase near me because of the stupid gator. As if this week hasn’t been annoying already.

It seem to have been fixed today… My Megalo doesn’t seem to have a 50 meter radius hitbox anymore… Look like those programmers are finally using the same size hitbox for raids now? (like any good/decent programmers would do instead of using whatever size they feel like using???) But I confirm that it was a HUGE problem before…

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Ever think they’re saving all these quality of life fixes for after they mess up horrifically?

I get that feeling.

Hey Tielenaar, this was brought up with our team. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update on this yet. :sweat:


Thanks :slight_smile: It’s always good to know that they know though :wink: You never know what they know or do not know, you know.


I don’t think they fixed it.
Maybe they are trying some secret “fix” as they sometimes do?
Or if they did fix it without telling then surely not as they should have.

I still cannot access a chest that Megalo just walks next to while I can acces a drop that a Magnus literally walked on top of.

Maybe you were just lucky to tap at where the hitbox area edge is.

You’re right… Tried it again, and yep, Megalo is still a pain…
Go figure!

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Same thing their was Valentine’s Day chase chest and the gyro boss is next and every time when I click the chest I click the boss