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Make bots play faster

One of the quality of life changes implemented in the Balance and Bravery patch was increasing the delay for AI characters in PvP from 0 seconds to 5 seconds.

Please revert this change.

First, I think that developer created bots are fine. They provide content for the beginners at arena level 1, and level 7 people in over 3k trophies. They also provide content for Arena levels 2 through 6 when matchmaking is taking too long. This fine for a game with lower population base or dearth of players during off peak hours.

Second, I appreciate that you want the player to feel as if they are playing against another player, however this illusion is disbelieved fairly quickly. All it does is to increase the time it takes to play a match against AI. Please value our time by reverting this change.

Anyone who plays a lot of PvP can tell if they’re playing a bot. The [Adjective][Noun] name, exactly 5 seconds to make a move, team composition of all the same level with one or two characters at one lower level, random targeting, lack of emoting or emote response, the ability to skip turns after 5 seconds (0 seconds previously) when actions are unavailable. For anyone who plays arena frequently, it is readily apparent when the player is matched against an AI opponent. Please respect the intelligence of the players to not disguise that the Arena is populated with bots. As I said earlier, AI opponents are acceptable.

Given that the players recognize when they are up against developer supplied AI opponents, and that the time to play against them have been artificially inflated to help support the easily disbelieve illusion of playing against real players, this change makes me feels like the developers either don’t respect the player’s intelligence and or value our time.

So please, revert the change so that we don’t have to wait 5 seconds for an obvious bot to make a move they they could have instantly.


Thanks for giving us your feedback, retsamerol.

With them Taking 5 second we have to consider the fire wall and we can win with it or loose with it I love the extra 5 second

In general the bots seem rather squishy at least on the 6th Background. Like a Pay to Play character who just bought their way in instead of leveling weapons along the way. That said aí hate that I can face an enemy bot team that will all match my highest level character while my team in one high level character and then my loser characters. At least match the levels instead of me facing 4 level 11 with one level 11, two level 9, and one level 8.

Holy smokes the Dev team addressed that quickly.

The AI now has a randomized delay, which better simulates a real player and seems on the whole quicker.

I had to go check the Leaderboards that there was no player by the opponents username to confirm retrospectively that I was matched vs. AI.

Nice job increasing DC to disbelieve.

I think that figuring out what the heck is going on with the lag for those who experience it will out out the general PvP experience greatly.