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Make Carbonemys not park exclusive

Yeah I know it must be great to be able to dart the turtle in the wild because it is park exclusive. What about those that live in cities where there aren’t any parks within said city? It seems unfair for those that do not have this. Please make Carbonemys not just park exclusive Ludia. Think about all those that are not so fortunate.

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To me they are spawing where ever they want so good for me.

I dont think they are park exclusive anymore. With 1.10 some spawn changes were made, even tho gamepress didnt mention it. Carbo (from what ive gathered from others experiences) is now global, and things like lythronax and common puru are everywhere as well

Well Carbonemys has not spawn anywhere within the vicinity of the city I am in. Yes I know you all will say go for a drive. Only thing is that i do not have the luxury of a vehicle. I ride a bus that stays within the city I am in. So that luxury is forfeited and I am stuck.

It’s the hybrid pursuit dino for this week, it is supposed to spawn anywhere.

it is also still a global spawn. People have been reporting seeing them outside of parks for a while. I got one Saturday no where near a park. The chance is pretty low, but they are out there. @SicilianBeast since they are global, you could try scents and see if you can attract them that way.

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If it park exclusive. Not here 3 parks and tryed cent capsule. And have not seen one yet .except when it was epic weekend.

Scents still don’t work in parks. You don’t get park spawns on scent.

Turtle isn’t global, but it seems like there are locations that aren’t green on the map, but are labeled as parks in game. For example, my neighborhood is spawning Lythro and purru now as well as my normal L3 components. And scents only attract L3 creatures so I think they somehow expanded the “park” areas but scents still aren’t working for them.

And as mentioned above, turtle is the hybrid pursuit this week so technically it is global and scentable for this week only.


Carbonemys has aquarium nest spawn

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How many of these lytho, purr, carbo spawns are you seeing that are proximity spawns… because my experience is proximity spawns seem to have a higher chance of out of zone spawns.

I def see them in proximity spawns more often, but I have found a couple of turtles that I could just see from my house. I have a hot spot right in front of my house that mostly spawns “park” creatures". But there are also a bunch of Sarco hanging out down the street most of the day. I also saw 3 Ptera at different times across the street last night so it’s weird.

I was in a car for 7 hours on Friday and I got 6 turtles. 4 of them were proximity spawns and 2 of them I could see before I got to them. All of them were on a highway no where near an actual green space. I missed out on 2 others because i didn’t click fast enough.

I have been trying scents and no turtle. No matter what scent I choose, there isn’t a turtle. All I get is zone 3 exclusives

Turtles are scentable this week since it’s the hybrid pursuit. Otherwise, you can’t get them in scents since scents still aren’t attracting “park creatures”. I don’t know what is going on with the weird park thing where there are park creatures outside of green zones, but I know Turtle is NOT global. Well, except for this week :smile:

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That’s interesting, I live in L4 and have noticed the same thing since 1.10, but I thought it was just a spawn migration

We have triple checked the code. It still says parks. They are just “hidden” parks now.


I wonder if there is some kind of mini biome that ludia had also flagged as a park… i know google maps started incorporating biome info back in march.

I have no idea all I know is that I am tempted to dig a big hole in my backyard, fill up with water, and make a sign. Wonder if that will make it into a park, this way if they are park exclusive then it can come to me.


Hmmm interesting

There is definitely parks that aren’t registered as green landmarks on the jwa map. Carbo is all park spawn. Except this week :turtle: I have a few unregistered parks around me lol.