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Make clan energy packs last longer

Our clan is super unlucky and the clan packs have been offered when we’re fighting a 9* amd we don’t need it. Buying it at the end for the 10* that follows causes us to lose energy because of the timer ending.

Would it be possible to put a 48hr timer on it or at least a long enough timer that it stretches to the next alpha without having to waste energy?

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Another solution would be to make it a usable item that we could decide when to use


The option to be an item would be great.


If it was an item it should be limited like only one purchase in a week or something so you coulnd‘t buy your way to the top for Alphas. That would be unfair and demotivating for other clan members that are not willing to spend that much on the game from my point of view.


Yes, an expiration would be necessary. They already have that system in place when support sends items