Make dodge 100% again

Since power creep seems to be the name of the game and old moves are coming back as well as nonsensical moves that certain creatures have no business having…

Dodge needs to be 100% again - at least for some creatures. Since for some creatures it’s the only viable way to try and stay in the fight, the reward should be worth the risk.

It’s time, bring back 100% dodge.

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Just… no.


Ahhhhh, no…….

Because everything else they’ve done makes so much sense… :roll_eyes:

No! then irex rules again and so does monu and bassically everything with doge

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100% chance to dodge 2/3 of damage or 66% chance to dodge 100% of damage?

Yea that seems like a good idea

Taking into consideration all the creatures that can nullify, have precise and definite attacks, or counters that remove cloak/dodge, I’d say 75% chance to dodge 100% damage would make things interesting… and also take the edge off creatures that have abilities they have no business having.

Do you have any idea what this will do the meta?

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yes that why a mew meta

No way
The fierce class had been struggling for a year, and now that it’s become more useful, you want to completely make it useless

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Isn’t it already 100% for your opponent and 0% for you? :melting_face:


As Simon Cowell would say, “That’s a no from me.”

I much prefer dodge the way it is now. Underpowered dodgers can be buffed in other ways.

Speaking of which, I think Monomimus is overdue for another nerf.

…Out of tradition, of course, not necessity.

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So argenteryx and megalotops will become more annoying than ever.
I think it is to buff some weak dodgers instead of buffing the whole dodge mechanic.


I feel like this is the nerf indot thread, it’s just as bad

But maybe the nerf indot thread is a bit worse

Make new moves for underpowered creatures with dodge