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Make duties = repeatble quest rewards


Early in the game duty rewards are about what you get from repeatable quests (except energy which is much more valuable). As you progress, the rewards (except for energy) bring less value. If they were tied to the level of rewards from repeatable quests, they would keep pace in value with growing players and would shrink less in value compared to energy reward.

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How about simply increase the rate of energy rewards? I know that will increase the rate of duty rewards in general, but devs made a good move with “Zap pack” during the last event - 50 energy for 100 runes. I bought it as soon as I could, and then 3 more days after it kept popping up as if it was recharged, but, like it said when I bought it “limited to 1” or something like that.
Point is - people demanded more energy for months, and while some improvements have been made - there’s still no replenishable source of energy. And duty rewards seem like a good payoff or managing them.

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I would like that as well. Although I’m talking rewards vs purchasing. All the new quests are going to take much more energy than what we had to use before.

Another note, energy duty reward Gives more reward than all other duty rewards combined (save the eggs where at hooligans it is almost a wash). This will only increase, devaluing the other duty rewards

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