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Make Fight AI Permanent Option

Now that DNA rewards are tied to your rank in arena, it defeats the argument that people would just select Fight AI all the time. If people do, they won’t progress and only use it to get daily incubators. And then people that actually want more DNA rewards, will continue to fight others in the arena to achieve a higher rank.


The playerbase that fights in the arena is already dwindling, and fast. Let’s not completely destroy it.

I’d prefer a fight AI and leave pvp to friendly battles


The player base is going to continue dwindling if broken matchmaking is requiring people to do 20 battles to get 3-4 daily incubators.


When you have a hemorrhaging wound, you don’t open it more to just get it over with faster. You try to find a way to patch it up.

If it takes one person 20 battles to get 3-4 incubators, that would mean someone out there is getting their 3-4 incubators in 3-4 battles. For every loser there is a winner, unless your losing against the AI. But at some point in losses, you should settle into a range of players where you hit the 50/50 win/loss rate.

I wouldn’t mind a fight an AI options but I would want the AI’s to be more divers than they are now. They tend to be a repeat of the same creatures, just like real player teams.

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I beg to differ Sir. I don’t think the Arena is a zero sum game.

From my viewpoint:-

I may win a battle (against player B), then, lose the next 10 (against other players). Hence, it requires 20x battles to get the 4 incubs.

Player B may win his/her 2nd battle (since he/she lost the first battle against me). But, he/she may experience losing streaks thereafter (against different opponents). Hence, requiring 20x battles to get the 4 incubs.

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Agree…and to add on…who wants to waste an hour fighting 20 battles to get 4 incubators. Most people don’t have time for that. Make it easy to grind the daily incubators against AI and if you want to spend time rolling the dice with horrible matchmaking, you can do so.

At least from this forum, the matchmaking issue seems to be reaching a boiling point with a lot of players. I know it is with me…

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I think that once you reach your stabilized trophy count, you should be winning roughly 50% of your battles. If this is not the case, you are either too high or low relative to your team’s strength. And of course, there are the occasional unlucky/ lucky streaks, but still…

In other words, if you have to fight 20 battles to get an incubator, you’re probably in a trophy range that is too high for your team.