Make it a large scent at least

So, doing a scent strike and getting a plain old scent capsule is basically an insult - especially since they don’t even let you keep it if you already have 2! I think scent strikes should give a large scent minimum!

Just feeling crabby and thought I would vent.

#ludia logic


They really should, especially since you can get regular sents from the daily incubator. That’s the main reason I don’t do the smaller sent towers, I don’t need another small sent I need rare/epic and large sents…

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I agree, especially since you can’t even buy the large common. If max prize is epic, minimum should be large common.

Guys I love what you’re saying but I’ll do you one better:


If the schedule says rare scent and you beat the tower … how about it gives you a rare scent ?

If the schedule says epic scent and you beat the tower … how about it gives you a epic scent ?

I think this make scents*?

Mods Would you please let developers know that this is misleading on behalf of their marketing department. Thanks guys!


They really need to increase the amount of scents that we can hold now that it’s possible to get 4 or 5 a day. I don’t always want to use them while I’m at work but now i have to just to make sure one doesn’t get wasted


I got an epic one once.

It’s time that they give us stackable scents in the backpack or maybe 5/5 since there is now a chance for the 6hrs incubator to give a common scent.

I think I have wasted like more than 8-10 of such scents as I was maxed out.

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I think the chart indicates the best scent capsule obtainable from that strike event, if you are lucky… It’s like the distracting creature incubators that show a picture of Monolophosaurus, but you get Koolasuchus DNA instead…

It could be worse. I got a large scent from mine today. Used it and got ALL Majungasaurus… like that doesn’t pop up everywhere anyways!

Pft. What’s the point of making it a large scent when all I get are Irritator, Einio, and Majung anyway. Lol

I had a common and rare scent drop from the same stop at the same time once :wink:

But yes I most definitely agree with the OP @Ludia please make Scent Strike rewards a minimum of a Large Common Scent as we daily pick up small ones from stops. Plus please increase the bag limit on scents.

Hey @Hersh, I’ve actually inquired about this before, and I was informed that what is displayed is the best possible reward for completing Strike Events.

That said, I will forward your comments to our team so that they can take them into consideration moving forward. Thanks!


Thanks @John!
Really appreciate you and the other mods reaching out and keeping in touch : )

All the best !


All of this!

Especially being able to keep more of the scents you collect–I can only use them when I’m home at the end of the day, so gathering extras throughout the day is useless. :confused:

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