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Make it easier to get rid of maxxed gear

I would be willing to sell maxxed epics etc for next to nothing as they do me no good. I would love to see epics in guild donations as well, even if it was limited to one for non vip, maybe three for VIPs. Really just anything to make them useful at all would be nice.

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I agree. It would be beneficial in many ways for the developer to introduce an alternative method to sell extraneous Epic and Legendary items. At the same time I would suggest trading should be completely removed from the Guild Tab. Providing an alternative way to sell these items would be beneficial for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. It would re-introduce the value of farming assets to the game. Improving farming profits may deter players from quitting the app, particularly during the idle second half of each season. Anything to prevent players from leaving should be considered beneficial.

  2. This might partially offset the punishing aspects of the caps applied to spell books and challenge events. While veteran players did not have these obstructions, these caps make it very difficult for newer players to improve their items and heroes. With asset procurement now far more difficult, it seems essential to provide players with other opportunities to buy and sell items.

  3. Any system which removes trading from the guild is favorable. This would reduce (likely eliminate) the guild tab crashes. This would allow more players to participate in Guild conversations and become more involved with the app. [I profess this is a personal issue. Perhaps fewer occurrences of bug are experienced by other players.]

Retaining active VIP players should be a priority. In theory, maintaining the VIP fees should offset any related to losses incurred from a slight reduction in gem/gold purchases. I have no way to confirm this theory, however, logic dictates it is a reasonable assessment.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only. It is based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

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Strongly disagree with this as maxing out epic gear is by far the easiest. Why make the game even easier than it already is. In order to completely understand the game people need to understand how gear works and looks. Just giving guildies epic gear for the sake of having maxed out gear is very dumb. People at level 15 and lower ask so many questions about value and how things work. People have to learn how to play this game by playing not just getting stuff for free. PvP can be won with lower level toons when you know how to play. I have almost maxed out Pikel epics by just hitting dungeon crawls. If I can max out epic gear on a new toon in one month why would new players have issues maxing epics themselves. They have improved the dice rolls so killing one boss you can roll a 20. Gear honestly is handed to players at a very high rate now. Especially with moment of glory and free 25 runs where no matter how many bosses you kill you can roll a 20 in contrast to only rolling a d6. These are the complaints I keep on reading and wasting the devs time when they should be focusing on content not how to win faster.

They will never do this. They want you to pay for gold, not get it for nothing by selling your maxed out gear

I would like to clarify my comments above. A dire problem facing the app is that newer players are far more restricted than the early adopters. The path for them to max items is extremely more difficult than it was for players like myself. Almost all changes over the past year have been designed for for the sake of revenues and veteran players with little regard for the desires of newer users. The Draft event is the only thing added which favors and provides a better experience the newer user. As such, very few newcomers are remaining. This issue is now further compounded by the multitude of big spenders who recently abandoned the app. Available data shows the app has lost almost 85% of its active players since April, and indications suggest many early adopters have quit spending. In its current state it seems unlikely the app will remain economically feasible. If the app intends to have a future it needs to retain new active user. Player sentiment was unfortunately overlooked or misinterpreted in their economic modelling.
[Edit: As a side note, Ludia seem to be aware of this issue. They are currently seeking a capable individual to fill this position: ]

A player above noted they have switched all die for rewards to d20. While this is true [i raised it a few weeks ago in another thread], unfortunately, at the same time they also lowered the value of the rewards, so it actually provides little additional benefit, especially to the many newer players cannot get all 3 dice in their current challenge room.

I certainly would not suggest giving Epic items to players, but newer and median players need some hope of becoming competitive. Thus, providing them a method of acquiring items at a reasonable pace seems logical, maybe necessary.

My preference would be for the developer to remove all of the ludicrous caps, rigged algorithms and corrupted features that cripple new players. These changes have had minimal impact on early adopters but they are punishing to players with less developed heroes and equipment. Unfortunately, all actions indicate the developer is unlikely to do this. As such, establishing a better trading center outside of the heavily restricted guild tab trades may provide new players with some hope and a sense of belonging. Perhaps this will instead be palatable to Ludia.

I want this game to succeed but something needs to give.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only. It is based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]


Ah, when I sell epics I’m getting 20-30k each time. I’m probably selling epics roughly 5-10 times a week. I’m maxed out on all epics except Pikel and I still heavily grind epics. They are the best way to get gold in the game. The long term play is to grow your maxed epic count and cash in when it shows up in shop. They are extremely useful even after maxing.


Thanks for the tip!