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Make Light Fury Blocks Yellow

THE COLOR OF THE BLOCK, not the dragons actual color. It makes more since. You know Light, Sun, Yellow. Plus Night Fury is blue so if you get both you can’t use them together without losing a color. Seems like something that was just overlooked. And it would be nice for players to actually obtain her.

Night Fury is black. The light Fury is white. It is called a light fury because it was named by Astrid. The name has nothing to do with the Sun. The LF is the same type so it would have the same color card.


I’m talking about the color of the blocks. I’m not talking about the actual color of the dragon. After reading this read my post again it’ll make more since.

Agreed! And it would make a bit more sense, since from what I remember, Toothless’ a purple card dragon.

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Toothless is a Purple/Cunning dragon, not blue. See

Toothless’ power move seems mediocre…

Thank you for clarifying!