Make Lower Arenas More Balanced

Goal: limit the boost caps and levels harder in lower arenas (Ex. you’re creatures are locked at level 15 with 5 total stat boosts per creature in lockdown) so people could experience more fair matches (since the “toughest” creatures would be at a reasonable maximum for the arena you’re in). It would also address droppers (people who lose with maxed teams to troll new players) and whale teams. Once you hit say, lockwood, level caps open from that point on and it’s more a test of what you bring and how you choose to tackle the open meta of the endgame. This would help with new player retention and allow ludia to continue to pump out unique events without making horrible teams for new players with one unique and everything else is level 12-15.


The only reason I can think of that this didn’t seem to get any attention in 18 days is that it’s just one paragraph. Would you care to flesh it out some more? May I?

Need a catchy title I put is mortem actually usefull and got 3 responses in 8 minutes

What about it do you think needs more thought? I’m happy to elaborate but I’m not sure what else needs to be added…

Catchy title? I do agree the one I have is pretty wordy…any ideas?

I suggested a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. They need to cap levels for arenas like they do for raids.


Here, I decided I had enough time on my hands to spew all sorts of words. The Great Arena Revamp!

I’d greatly appreciate your input!

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