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Hi i have a question i should know the answer on myself but i don’t.
I’m an alliance leader and they10 first members in my alliance can i once more tap on “make member” what does that means.? Is it a special group for top Ten.

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Does it say make member or make veteran?

Members: literally plays and contribute to the alliance
Veterans: a high ranked member
Officer: they can accept new members and kick out others
Co leaders: most likely the same privileges as a leader but they can’t disband the team (not entirely sure with this one)

If they were once promoted to Veteran (the next rank after member), you will get the option to demote them again (make member).

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Co-leaders can accept requests to join, kick officers, veterans and members and edit the alliance description. They can’t kick other co-leaders or the leader and they can’t disband the alliance.

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New Roles for Alliance members have been added with different purposes and powers. Alliance Leaders can assign these roles to their members so that they can help manage the Alliance. A player’s role is displayed below their name in the Alliance’s List of Members.

Co-Leader: Similar to a Leader, a Co-Leader can rename the Alliance, edit its description and picture, view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance, and kick anybody (except the Leader) out of the Alliance. They can also promote other members up to the Co-Leader rank and can also demote other Co-Leaders. Co-Leaders cannot disband the Alliance. Because this role is quite powerful, Leaders should be careful who they promote. Make sure that player is trustworthy!

Officer: Officers can view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance and kick players below their rank (Members and Veterans) out of the Alliance. They cannot promote/demote anybody and cannot affect Leaders and Co-Leaders, making this role a “safer” one to give to another player who would like to help moderate the Alliance.

Veteran: Veterans don’t have any additional powers compared to regular members. This role can be used by Leader/Co-Leaders to recognize the outstanding contribution of a member.

For reference, here are the existing roles and powers:

Leader: Leaders are the owner of the Alliance. They can rename the Alliance, edit its description and picture, view and accept/reject requests from outsiders who want to join the Alliance, and kick anybody out of the Alliance. They can also promote/demote any other members to any rank. Leaders cannot leave the Alliance, but can transfer the ownership of the Alliance to a non-Leader and then they become a regular Member after the process, at which point they are allowed to leave the Alliance if they want. Finally, Leaders have the power to disband the Alliance entirely which removes all Members of all rankings from it.

Member: Member is the default role which any player has when they join an Alliance. This role cannot affect other players in the Alliance.

Promotion and Demotion

To promote or demote players of their Alliance, Leaders and Co-Leaders can go to the Alliance’s List of Members and tap on a player’s name to see Promotion and Demotion options. Promotions and demotions can be attributed in linear sequence: Member ↔ Veteran ↔ Officer ↔ Co-Leader ->Transfer ownership. When Championships become live in April, the Championship’s List of Contributors will also allow Leaders to promote/demote other players directly from that screen. This screen in particular should be very useful for Leaders to see who is most active or inactive in the Alliance Championship, by showing the Alliance Points contribution and the “last online” status.

Please note: After transferring ownership of the Alliance, the ex-Leader becomes a Member (not a Co-Leader). The new Leader can promote the ex-Leader up to Officer or Co-Leader if desired.

Known issues:

  • When promoting/demoting a lot of players very quickly, it’s possible that the server will limit players and the game will display an error. If this happens, simply wait at least a minute and try again.