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Make Monomimus great again!


Monomimus received an unfairly treatment… nerfing both HP and worse… it’s speed! It’s already fragile as it is, no point putting so much DNA if you gonna make it unusable again. It should revert its speed back so it can still be a competitive Dino in current arena~ :confused::confused:


The nerfing of the Monomimus was because they decided it was too easy to make for the power it brought to the table. Basically, almost every battle incubator showers us with Gallimus. The only component needed to make him was the epic found in the wild.
Believe me I feel your pain. When they did the nerfing, I was not yet in the arena events that showered us with gallimus DNA. I spent money on incubators to get Gallimus, and did every green tower event that gallimus was a common of choice. That was a painful lesson. But I understood why.


We didnt get gallimus in every incubator until after they nerfed him.


Monomimus (or Ruby as I named her) should have her old speed back. She was already frail, she relied on her speed to actually do stuff. I’m fine for getting her speed back yeah.


They nerfed her in 1.5 and made her weak but she still had a niche and was usable… then they nerfed her again in 1.6 to make sure they were clear everyone is supposed to stop leveling her and work on the unique instead to prevent matchmaking balancing issues.


Procerathomimus is a fine replacement. Faster and more damage.


Except by the logic that cause monomimus to get nerfed applies to procera… like its way easier to make then monomimus was back when it was strong. Both use an arena exclusive component but procera wild component is rare and monomimus took epic. So in the near future it will need gross miscalculation adjustments.


I just feel it’s unfair to nerf him and buff his other mono-counterpart monostegotops. We usually go one way or the other with limited monolophosaur DNA. Oh well… I just hope Niantic would consider reverting his speed that’s all!


Niantic wont be doing anything in regards to monomimus. Ludia most likely wont either his 1.6 nerf was about making his hybrid more appealing.