Make more Creatures and Features Polls!

Remember that poll we had back in what I believe was May? Yeah, that Creatures and Features Poll. Remember how the ENTIRE COMMUNITY absolutely ADORED the fact Ludia finally communicated with the playerbase of JWA? Yeah, that was great, but you know what would be even greater? If they made more of these. The response from the community was very surprised and very happy about the Poll, seeing that Ludia was willing to interact with the people. Well, Ludia, you should do it again, just with different creatures and features! I personally believe another one of these polls would be met with great public surprise and excitement. Do these every few months, and we’d be heading in the right direction for a better game. Just look how good the feedback was on the original post, it’s all positive feedback from the community. But I’d recommend you don’t stop there, Ludia. Along with some more of these creatures and features polls, create polls for which creatures should be buffed, nerfed, or changed, and create polls for new drastic changes that will need the community’s feedback in order to add. (Like an Aquatic Update) Me, and an enormous amount of the community would enjoy more of these polls. If the Community and the Developers can work together, we can make this game so much better.


I would like for the C&F polls to include fan favorite hybrids from JWTG, as well as for some forgotten hybrids like Procera and Dsun. Alternatively they could do none hybrids and have dinos and other creatures from the series canon like Corytho or Nippon (on the Holoscape).

So to give us hope and then decide that the most wanted feature was the Creature Markers…
Till then i wait the rest of the Features and the rest of the Dinos