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Make multi-fusion available for lower level players

I’m stuck at level 11, which is a long ways away from 17, and it’s so time consuming and irritating pressing the fuse button over and over again! Anyone with me that we should be able to unlock it earlier?


I’m all for this.


i’d say make it available as low as lv 10. same level you can apply boosts. fast level ups mean more boost slots available, which means potential sales for Ludia.


I can understand why they don’t give it to newbies but by the time you reach level 10 you know what you are doing and it starts to be a pain fusing (says the man who got Suchotator to L30 before multi-fuse was a thing).



I’m sorry but no.

Too easy.

I don’t understand this stance. This isn’t free dna, it’s being able to quicker utilize dna they already have. They still have to work for it, this just saves them time repetitively tapping their phones.


The level requirement for multi fuse is without doubt too low.
It should be 10.
It wouldn’t benefit me, but I’ve stopped playing my alt account for this reason.

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I think level 10 is perfectly reasonable. If you are high enough to be “trusted” with boosts I think it’s only fair you should be able to multi-fuse as well.


I don’t see why you have to wait at all.

It’s crazy the way newer players are held back by petty things like this, and small wonder they leave in their droves.


I think level 10 is to low to allow boosts. They are going to be boosting dinos that are no where near endgame. Just boosting to win in the lower arenas. I’m not against lower level players but feel boosts/multi fuses restrictions help them from making bad decisions now that will just hurt them later.

Prior to multi-fuse being implemented at ALL, I had to go to the hospital SEVERAL TIMES for a steroid injection into my forefinger’s upper joint because the tendon sheath had seized up and wouldn’t let it retract back. “Trigger-finger”, I was told.

Granted, I played/play a LOT but if someone has to go get an emergency injection because of the exceptionally poor mechanics of a mobile game, I think it’s fair to assume that having a level requirement is absolutely absurd and needs to be done away with.

Level 15 might be a good compromise.