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Make multiple Strike team slots


To give a example so instead have a only one strike team and having to change it, if you want to a different set up but having to re do it if you want to go back. I say they make 5 slots for 5 different teams being able to go back a forth


This would be nice for strike events. I put in my 16 Tany just for the event, but I don’t want it on my team when I battle because it just gets destroyed.


Exactly my point!! :joy:


They have that feature in the “other” big AR game (which I don’t play since I discovered JWA since this game is infinitely better)!

But yes I would love this feature!
Actually ive started filming a new video series for Youtube following my JWA gameplay, and Ive got a section of each video where I swap out all my good dinosaurs for low level ones, then go into the arena for a laugh and to give others a chance at an easy win/incubator ;), so having a “Lowbie Team” on hand would save me time!

Currently filming episode #2 but ive not uploaded episode #1 yet! Hopeing to complete it today!


This has been suggested about 100 times now. I would imagine its in the works, we can all agree its a good idea


What’s your YouTube?