Make Non Flock Tournament

Please Ludia next Month do a Legendary and Epic with all Flocks banned this tournament are bored not the following.
If you don’t have Diplo maxed this tournament are neer impossible


No, absolutely not. Can we just please get rid of all these annoying tournament restrictions?

Or at least keep them for skill tournaments only. Players spend cash, DNA and boosts for tournament dinos just to seem them excluded in tournaments…

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People want restrictions everyone can ask for the restrictions he want

Correction: Only some people want restrictions.

But of course is everybody entitled to have an opinion. And my opinion is that it would be best to not have any restrictions in advantage tournaments other than to exclude apexes and uniques.

Also I think this would be better for Ludia. Players like myself spend a lot of effort (and sometimes money) to level and boost rares, epics and legendaries for tournaments. But when my newly created and boosted creatures start to be excluded from tournaments, I will stop with this very soon.


There are at least two dozen epic/legendary counters to every flock.
Although i disagree with sam, advantage tournaments are exactly where the restrictions should be, certainly until ludia can matchmake in a fair and equitable way.

When you lost you counter and the opponent have 4 flocks…

Then you ensure you have more than one flock counter…
Most flock counters, whether resiliants, certain cunnings, bleeders, or indeed flocks themselves are useful beyond simply being flock counters. Set up your tournament team based on what you are most likely to come across, often youll also be covered for most alternatives too.
Flocks are a valid part of the game, however the user needs to know how to use them otherwise theyre useless, and how to deal with them when in opposition.

What has restriction of individual dinos (rhino, megalotops) or mechanics (flocks) to do with matchmaking?

And what should be wrong with matchmaking in tournaments? You simply get matched to players with a similar trophy count. If you cannot compete at the beginning of a tournament, just wait until better players have climbed up.

You mean inferior players who drop arenas and have higher level dinos, which is very different.
That aside, matchmaking in tournaments is renowned for being nearly as bad as pvp matchmaking, i havent had an opponent on a similar trophy level in either for months…

i think they just did cant see a single flock in the first tournie :stuck_out_tongue: