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Make Raptor Family Great Again (Suggesting “Pounce” = 2.5x damage)

…as per topic above. discuss.

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I don‘t that would make them better, maybe more annoying. Owens sqad can be used in lower areas but in upper areas with higher lvled creatures, their stats are just not good enough.
I feared facing Blue in wasteland but when I met her in upper areas she‘s been easy to kill.

Raising atk wouldn‘t be enough, the stats need to be improved. I think.


Nope. No way. Not on your Nelly. The early-game velociraptor problem has already been balanced and fixed, no point breaking it all over again.


Not a chance in hell.

The fastest dinosaurs out there should not also be the heaviest hitters.

100% what Kitalon said.


LoL! yea. kind of true. thanks for sharing thoughts. any other suggestion that can make raptors great again but yet not overpower?
Increase somemore health? new ability?

What they should do is have it where you can bring out 2 or 3 raptors at same time to gang up on a dino ha

Give pounce 4x damage is that anough?

vurnerality strike ithink…

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Well… Metahub datamined super Pounce strikes in an earlier ATK, two that would blow the current pounce out of the water with just their names. (No details of exact damage was given). Could be in store for a future update. I just wish raptor family had a passive dodge of at least 5% due to speed and size