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Make RAPTORS great again! Make them immune and let the pounce be unstoppable


Because I would like some more variation in the arena, I will suggest to make all the Raptors good again.

If they could be immune, they would be guaranteed to make a second hit.

And if they could use a Re-worked Pounce, this attack would not let anyone cleanse it.

Then I think the Raptors would go back to the arenas.

What you think?

And other ideas how Raptors could get a buff?

We need a unique raptor

I think those poor things should also get a health buff. Let‘s say 4100. And to give them the chance to troll opponents even more, give them evasive stance with 75%. Oh, and DSR would also be only fair, since in the movies, raptors kicked everyone‘s butt!


Propose a way to make matchmaking more interesting by buffing not nerfing, get a sarcastic answer. This forum is like the saltiest place on the internet.


While were at it let’s give them wounding strike and counter attack.


Why do u think I‘m beeing sarcastic? :thinking:


No, not that kind of a buff. It’s like suggestion to give back APR to Stegodeus.

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I’ll pass. Veloci and gang had their months in the sun already. I’d rather not go back to that again.


Maybe after they nerf Apato otherwise there will be more chaos in the arena.


Raptors are actually not bad. It’s just the non-hybrid raptors that are not very useful in top tier. If you consider utahsinoraptor and indoraptor raptors, they are both great raptors.

In the arena today, I’d say raptor means a group of fast dinosaurs. So green chicken and zombie chicken can both be considered as ‘raptor’ type dinos.

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Remember when matches used to be decided solely by who had higher level raptors? Those were the days man.


They went through great lengths to nerf raptors why would they change that? No need to rework pounce. Just remove superiority strike


Are we talking about making commons and rares end game viable?


I’d love my “kawasaki’s” of death to be viable again! But majority of players can’t keep track of Dino’s speeds so they where nerfed into oblivion! sad that a whole type of creature is represented by a completely different creature (green chicken) at end game!? Give us a giant raptor already!

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I remember the days of highest level raptor wins every battle. The forums were filled with posts about raptors like they were the big rat. “you can’t stop it, highest level raptor always wins, no strategy”.

Yeah, let’s go back to that

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I have a vision of more powerful rares and commons.

Or an idé of givning better skills to the dinos when the dino keep progress.

Example. So when reaching lvl 20 you open up one more skill . Level 23 even better skill. Level 25 even better…

Then every dino could be playable. If you spend money and time to evolve it.


But the meta has changed to mega chompers and bleeders.

Most of the Stego, giga and other with mutch life is gone.

If you add better COMMON AND RARE Raptors players should be more worried.

Think this could shake up the meta a bit.

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I agree! even better give them the moves of lord lythronax


No, that’s dumb right now what we need is something to make SIA counterable, also for raptors, buff their attack a little and done, they hit hard, they hit fast but you need to know when to use them


Does “superiority strike” and “pinning strike” rings a bell? :thinking: :bellhop_bell:


I’ve been following this thread, and all I can say is please don’t give us another rat situation. I’m all for making commons, rares and even epics viable in battle, but be careful what you wish for. It could come back and bite you in the butt later on.

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