Make some purchases cheaper


Maybe I’m wrong but at least from my point I would by more stuff if it wasn’ so expensive. More fun getting to buy one thing 10 times than not buying it the firtst place.

I beleive that the amount of money you will make will increase. It’s like IKEA’ s - ”every person should be able to buy a hot dog on the way out. Therfore it should be very cheap to aquire” I don’t have to say that they sell a lot!

Now things are like 5,10$ and up. If it would be 0.5 to 1 $ I would buy. It’s the thing - I could by more than one time at different occations, still not feeling it would be a lot of money at once.

Just a sugg.


My main issue is that it’s hard to justify spending money when you don’t get much.

I have a lot of fun playing this game some yeah maybe I want to drop 10-15 dollars, what does that get me? Very little progress.

Similar story with VIP.


Yea, you offer some interesting incubators, but there’s no justification to spend $50 for some extra DNA that’s only gonna boost your progress like 25% of a level. And you aren’t gonna but it every week. Before you know it you’ll spend $1000 on this game if you do. It’s a nice game but not worth the price of a xbox game for a little extra bonus. Dlc is like $5-10 for a new mission on line of those games. And if you offer those awesome incubators for that much people would buy more of them and you’ll make more than settling them for $50 a pop. And whilst I am VIP, for $10 a month need to get more for the subscription than extra battery life and like 6 cash a day. Offer more dna and cash in the free incubator for being VIP, like the 3 hour incubators. To wait wait 5 hours for 7 common DNA, 3 cash and 5 darts is sad. And vip should have a larger sledge for data too. You sell like a pile of data which is 350 darts. Whose gonna but that when your storage caps or at 140. Let VIP have 200 darts storage. Help us justify the cost of your game. It’s too expensive to justify long term investment in.


I agree it would be nice to have a $1 option on coins and darts sometimes you only need a little to get by until the daily reset. I would easily spend money thinking oh just a dollar. I think a lot of people would take advantage of a cheaper option.


I wasted tons of euros in the past for incubators, and now i must say is not worth, you can get more dna grinding in the specifics zones whit time, now i only waste for coins when im short of coins to continue leveling my team or new dinosaurs.
And the coins is not expensive for me for 109 euros i can get near 1 billion coins, enought to level dinos for a long time