Make Strike Event non-clickable once complete

Are the Strike Event thingers super-sensitive to anyone else? If I click anywhere in the vicinity, even if I’m just looking around, they open immediately.

I think an awesome fix would be to make the completed ones no longer clickable. What day you, Ludia?


I know I am at risk of sounding like a broken record, but I think they should just remove those big, ugly, dino eating concrete bases and be done with it.


They seemed extra accidentally clickable today. :roll_eyes:


I feel that after you’ve reached maximum attempts on park dinos they should disappear too. Its maddening to see an epic and realize it’s a park dino.


Get rid of the concrete base, the event should disappear once you’ve completed it, and yes, they are incredibly sensitive when you’re trying to scan the map.


I 100% agree with this and you are definitely not the first to ask about it!


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Once completed, the Strike Events need to despawn. they know how to do it, same as treasure chests but they fixed this quickly to earn money, but Strike Events are not their priority… :roll_eyes:


Agreed, who knows what they are thinking.

My only problem with reseting them is that the concrete bases will still eat dinos until they do reset.

Imagine rolling up to a strike event, to do the event, and bamn, an epic spawns and now its trapped, forcing you to jump through hoops and try diff methods of trying to actually click on the dino. The change the screen and come back thing doesnt always work.

Much rather they just remove the concrete bases :blush:

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I like the thought of them despawning once they’re complete. The only one that becomes an issue then is the ones you have failed and aren’t going to retry.

The other option might be to have a button on screen to hide/unhide strike events which would affect all of them.


I really like your idea of giving the people the option. Good stuff! :+1:

“Extra Accidentally Clickable”, this is now a thing. Urban dictionary here you come.

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