Make Strike Towers Disappear After Done


I have to ride my bike 2 miles just to get to a local 4 zone to get Paras and others, let alone riding around hoping to see or run into them once I’m in the zone. Yes, 10.5 miles of riding today.

Can you please make it so the strike towers go back to plain drops when we are done? This happens way too much.


Yes please! Ludia, c’mon…it is unnecessary to keep them there. Also, be able to opt out of them if you are unable to complete them. Like atm I cannot complete the gold one, it’s too hard for me atm. :frowning: I almost can beat it but…my dinos aren’t high enough level to be able to beat it.


Totally agree, the strike events should be removed from the map once completed, as the treasure chests.
When tapping S.E. the app needs to re-load the informations and lags a bit.