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Make superiority strike cleanse all except slows

I haven’t thought out all possible consequences yet, but this would solve a lot of problems with it.
You can still counter raptors and DoT (for which the move was invented) but not win lower-level-same-dino matchups because of SS countering itself.

Diloracheirus is a great example of a higher level version never able to win against a lower level one, which is a bit strange.

By making this change, both SS’ing makes you equally slowed and priority stays with higher levelend one.
You can even risk the enemy not using it because it doesnt guarantee priority anymore which diversifies battles and rewards move-prediction more.

Firstly: Although I don’t battle as much as others, the number of times I’ve come across the same dino but slightly higher level is not as often as your post would suggest (i.e that it happens often enough to be considered a problem rather than a nuisance).

Secondly: You are assuming that both players will use Superiority Strike on the same turn, what if on the second turn you use Superiority Strike but your opponent uses Greater Stunning Rampage and if it stuns follows it up next turn with Impact and Run or vise versa. Both using Superiority Strike only really applies to turn one.

So in my opinion leave Superiority Strike the way it is. If I come up against a dino with Superiority Strike, I generally avoid getting bogged down in a futile back and forth of Debuff > Cleanse > Debuff > Cleanse etc.

Stegoceratops doesn’t have superiority, yet lower level can take down two levels higher one with ease

Your first point may be true, partly.
As you get higher on the ladder, all team comps converge into mostly the same with minor differences based on playstyle and how much DNA you get.

The second point, what you describe is exactly why the lower level diloracheirus wins.
With stegodeus/tragodistis this isnt the case and same turn SS’s are pretty common.

All in all, it has benefits and consequences, and since so many people complain about SS being OP, I wanted to make a suggestion to start a discussion.
Thx for replying ^^

I did a little checking and it seems that Diloracheirus is one of the few that don’t have many moves available on turn one (only 2: Superiority Strike and Distracting Impact). Diloranosaurus also has the same first turn moveset so I would imagine that dino in a similar situation.

However I would say that the issues with Superiority Strike are down to the creatures and their movesets not the move itself. After all you did say that Stegodeus and Tragodistis don’t have this problem and both have 3 out of 4 moves available turn one.

They dont have the problem of dying turn 2, the rest remains.