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Make Swap in stun 100% + stun a total turn instead of a move

As title.

I don’t see why it shouldn’t be 100% to promote tactical usage.

Besides, it should stun a total turn. That means, It doesn’t only stun the SIDSR but also the first turn of Draco / Gen 2. I find this interaction pretty odd and unfair. They should be able to perform any action in the first turn after being stunned.

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Yes. But not for 2 turns, just the swap-in.

I don’t think anything should have 100% stun

I’d be happy if we had 75% stun in the game at all :joy:


While I do wonder if there will ever be a multiple-turn stunning move, 100% chance to stun for 2 turns sounds a bit OP, don’t you think ?
A swap-in is considered one turn, therefore a swap-in ability is considered a part of their move for that turn. Hence the fact that the Dracoceratops/Dracorex Gen 2/(any other slower SI-ability possessing creature) didn’t use it’s SI-ability on being stunned means it was stunned for that 1 turn, true to the description of the move “swap-in stun”.

Of course everyones favorite rat has %100 stun lol


Swap in ability is basically an additional action, it is not a turn.

If you swap in any other creatures, they will be stunned for their whole turn. You don’t see Alanqa or Alankyo, or Darwyn etc being only stunned for their swap in ability.

Hence this interaction should be the same for SIDSR creatures. They should be stunned for the whole turn, not an attack. Counter attack creatures also being stunned for the whole turn losing both their 2 attacks / actions. I don’t see why SIDSR should be treated any different, as if it is not already powerful enough.

Unless they remove this move, then there is no need.

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Acute stun is 100% stun. Which deals no damage.

Swap in stun also deals no damage, I don’t see why it shouldn’t.

Reducing RNG factor means the game will be more tactical. It would be a good change.

Of course, I don’t agree stun attacks should be 100% stun. Stun attacks are just busted and should be reworked, but that’s another story.


That’s probably because those creatures (Alanqa, for example) are faster than the swap-in-stun user, hence their SI-ability comes first, so they get stunned for the next turn instead of the present one.
It’s all a matter of speed.
It’s just like when Dracoceratops uses acute stun on a faster creature that acted first.
By that logic, in order to stun the SI-DSR as well as another turn, you would need a faster creature, whose swap-in-ability is “**% chance to stun for 2 turns”, which would be OP like I said.
Edited to clarify: any action a creature does apart from counter-attack is considered a turn.
And counter-attacks are considered part of the turn in which they were triggered.

But Is it really ? I understand well the interaction of speed and stun. However, I noticed every time I used Edmon vs Draco, the swap in stun always trigger first. It is much noticeable since the introduction of speed boost because I have faced many Draco who have higher speed than me. Besides, Draco naturally has higher speed than Edmon.

But I really haven’t seen the interaction of swap in Edmon vs Alanqa …etc. So it needs to be tested.

If swap in ability is considered a turn, I personally think it should be changed because of this interaction. When you swap in any other creatures without a swap in ability, they don’t magically gain 1 more turn. This should be the same for all creatures and hence swap in abilities should be treated as an additional action rather than a new turn.

If, in fact, any swap-in is considered a whole new turn (which is not visualized for no swap-in creatures), then it also should be changed. Because if those creatures have 1 additional invisible turn, then they shouldn’t be stunned for a whole turn either.

It is highly inconsistent. Either way, something has to be done for this swap in interaction.

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As for that specific interaction, I’m honestly unsure, as my only recent usage of swap-in-stun has been in the tournaments, where I noticed that my Edmontoguanodon always used its swap-in-ability before the opponent’s, even if we swapped in on the same turn. I suppose this could be fastest finger first, but I practically always lose speed ties, so I’m unsure. If anyone can clear this up for me please do.
I said that the faster creature’s SI-ability triggers first because as far as I know that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I suppose you could test it to find out.
As for swap-in-abilities being counted as a whole new turn, I agree with you, and it seems the stun in that case becomes action-based instead of turn-based. I now realise that for the description of the move “swap-in-stun” (which I had based my explanation on) to be correct while in defence of Dracoceratops not being stunned for the turn after SI-DSR, creatures without a swap-in-ability would have to also be stunned only for the turn of the swap-in (the invisible turn), which practically does not occur, like you said.
So either the description of the move (which currently appears to be misleading) needs to changed to the tune of “stunned for one action/move/attack” or the ability itself needs to be reviewed.
An interesting observation indeed.

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I’ve always wondered why it isn’t already, when we have a swap in dodge that always works and a swap in invincibility that always works.


I just have a match where the opponent swap in Alankyo, and I swap in Darwez.

The Alankyo is slower than my Darwez, but somehow it triggers its swap in invincibility first, and then my swap in wound.

Not only that, its swap in invincibility ended right after my swap in wound. So they really treat swap in ability like a whole new turn which shouldn’t be the way. I hope they would fix this and treat them only an additional action.

All in all there is 2 things that we need to concern :

  1. The order of swap in abilities seems to be inconsistent and no specific logic at all.
  2. Swap in abilities are treated like an extra turn which it really shouldn’t be.

@Ned Could you pass these observations to the devs and maybe, hopefully get their attention and respond? Thanks !

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Hey lcy, our team would be able to take a look if you reach out to them here at with more details of your match. Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


Fair point on the Swap-in-stun. Yes, I feel that it make sense to have 100% stun. As we can see most of the SIA work 100%, stun should also have 100%.

If not, change all other SIA to 66%, including Dracoceratops DSR. Then that would be even more fun, complaining and ranting all over the forum regarding how their DSR didn’t work and the opponent’s worked. Lol.

Let’s give this a bump. It still confuses me why it doesn’t already work like that, even though Acute Stun does.

I’m pretty sure this would calm a lot of the Dracoceratops anger as well.

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