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Make t-rex great again!

Ask any human this: name a dinosaur! Everybody will say t-rex! Its the arketype dinosaur, the iconic dino superstar that everybody knows as a really bad-a muffing dino!

So i think it deserves to be a bit better in jwa, its really pathetic in this game… T-rex should be the king of dinosaurs!! (at least of the epic dinosaurs, that rixis thing really shouldnt be the best of the epics…)

Just give it more power, like give it super ridicilously much attack or hp! No fancy moves stuff just a lot of power, it will still be pretty easy to take down with loads of the other dinos!

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The Tyrannosaurus Raid boss is pretty tough. :muscle: :smiley:


Why tho it’s dmg is ridicilus for an epic, and the game simply does not work that way, power should be scaled based on execlusivity so harder grind is more rewarded, rex being a global spawn goes agains that

Rex is fine it’s used in epic tournaments quite a lot, needs no buff needs no nerf

And the game doesen’t and shouldn’t work based on how popular (i guess) a dinosaur is and then scaling power based on that


only thing i would do would be introduce rexy as a legendary wild spawn and make her a tad better than the other two rexes. that would be enough. other than that rex is fine.


Whatever else may happen, this must remain an inviolable law:

If ever it is untrue, that law is broken and must be fixed with all haste!

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does mortem count as breaking the rule?



And looking at it, yes, it does.

Therefore, I suggest upping T-Rex’s damage to 2050. Mortem Rex already beats her in speed and crit %.

Or give her a Defense-Shattering Devastation with a 3-turn delay/2-turn cooldown that she won’t survive to use unless in a particularly-fortunate magical circumstance to at least say her bite is unmatched. :slight_smile:

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Jsut gonna leave this here.


A lot of people say that non hybrid legendarys would be official jp series creatures i personaly belive that they’d be heavily geneticly modified variants of real life creatures (para lux being the only current exapmle) like idk chetah pattern carno, do i do understand and wouldn’t be suprised if rexy would be added as a legendary

Aha! A loophole!

Mortem Rex IS a T. Rex, and therefore T. Rex remains the most powerful creature in terms of raw damage.

Carry on!

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mortem doesnt break the rule cuz it is a gentically modified rex. i also noticed it has the same scars as rexy too

edit: this means it should bre stronger

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Well, actually, that’s kind of a strange detail as scars are not genetically passed on. But the rest checks out!

Aren’t all apex creatyres basicly that

Morty perfecting rexe’s crushing bite force

Hadros glowing for whatever reason (i guess para lux and magic stuff idk) or idk maybe suposed to be this night feeder type creature(not primal) but like comes out and feeds at night or something

Magnus having a beautiful pattern of feathers i guess kinda expanding of the idea of feathers in ceratopsians

And trebax the best example a more evolved and advanced version of gorgonops going as far as to evolving actual mammal fur

on the site i gave a link too, theres a picture of mortem where it has the same velociraptor scars rexy got from the raptor in jp1

i dont know why, maybe it is rexy with a paintjob after being experimented on after jwfk

I’ll just leave this here.

I choked on my own spit at “Death.”

I mean, apt for the move it’s describing, but I didn’t expect a laugh to try to burst through my throat just now. I am at work, after all.

Agreed, the king of the dinosaurs deserves nothing less…

but, I would be equally happy with a legendary spawn Rexy with stronger moveset and stats :t_rex: :t_rex: