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Make the boost reshuffle event permanent

Why not? It would certainly increase my sagging interest in the game if I could actually use my dinodex in the arena at different levels. So simple.


Bro, this is not a good oppenion. U can’t just boost around any creature u want at any moment.
And especially think about the advance tournament bro

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Nope bad idea.

Lets stop giving Ludia bad ideas, they are capable of thinking of them on their own, don’t need the players helping.


Bro, it’s a good idea. If I have most of my uniques at level, why can’t I boost the ones I want to use to fight bro. It’s a good idea bro.

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That’s just your opinion, and it’s wrong

I’m on board, I think there are enough boosts out there (I can max boost about 10 dinos) and it has helped with verity, I’ve seen lots of oddball stuff this week

Since when are opinions ever wrong?

So there’s no wrong opinions but there are definitely bad ideas eh? Hmmmm

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This suggestion is the single biggest and best idea for both Ludia and players alike.

Ludia would not lose money. They would increase revenue. How? …well, when people are encouraged to move boosts around without penalties, then they will experiment more. They will spend more time in game. They will realize that other dinos they hadn’t considered are worth leveling up. That requires more coins. To get coins quicker, they buy them with hard cash.

Right now, you can stop buying boosts once you have enough for your arena team and maybe a couple on some raid dinos. If Ludia opened it up all the time, then people could min-max without any restrictions. Interest in the game would skyrocket. I guarantee that such a move would bring back lots of players who feel the current situation with boosts is just a money grab.

Ludia would have to revisit the concept of non-skill tournaments to prevent the travesty we saw this weekend with the newer players getting destroyed by every 30/30 Sarcorixis out there… but overall, this suggestion would increase the player base, increase revenue, and really revitalize interest in the game.


Listen I don’t do pay to win, so I don’t care about Ludia revenues. I care about quality of game play for everyone who is loyal to this game

If those who do pay to win have no incentive to do so, they won’t. As the revenue shrinks so will the game and Ludia will just drop it. Thus anyone who cares about the game whether they pay or not will have no game to play.

Quality of gameplay? Fair enough…

You would be able to try out any new dinosaur that Ludia comes up with on your Arena team at full boosted strength. Tune it to find the best balance of HP, Attack, and Speed. …and it wouldn’t cost you a dime.

You wouldn’t see the exact same 8 dinosaurs as opponents on everyone else’s team. The “meta” would become a much larger selection that didn’t result in stale matches over and over. That’s an improved game experience for you.

You would be able to raid more effectively, if you could shift boosts around to match the speeds to work with other players on your raid team. Someone has a Thor that is too fast for your healer? …no problem. They just drop a few speed boosts off temporarily. That’s a real benefit to play experience.


Actually, more and more people are also investing in boosts for tournament creatures. So even when your arena team is set, you have more boosts to get for those. With a shuffle, people can just continually pull from the arena to put on advantage teams. This means with a permanent shuffle no one would invest in anything else and they would ultimately lose money from that.

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as others have said, as much as we want it to happen it could have unintended consequences all over the place. i’m fine with it happening every so often tbh. just quit doing it on an advantage tournament weekend so we can accurately gauge what we need to invest in in the arena.


This event should be something that happens more often but not permanent.
Maybe once 2 or 3 months or maybe after a big update were there are big balance changes.


I disagree.

I think that any loss in boost purchases would be more than made up for by an increase in coin sales from more people wanting to level up more dinosaurs as well as a larger player base from the game being more interesting to the min-max crowd.

…and people will still buy boosts to move ahead in arena or get raiding a little sooner.


Exactly. You got it

Maybe Ludia should disable boosts on Advantage Tournaments?



:rofl::rofl::rofl: no, bye