Make the daily missions easier

Specially with the pandemic the daily missions take a lot of time, more than one hour a day. and the collect rare dna is just ridiculous, you rely on luck for that. So my idea is that you make the challenges to be obtained at 15 minutes aproximately.

if it’s too much, at least remove the collect normal and rare Dna missions and just have the normal colect dna.

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That depends, I know some people who can’t even complete the missions due to having no supply drops in their areas.

The only daily missions that should be deleted considering the situation we are in; some people can’t leave their houses so remove supply drop task. Another one is daily battle incubator, arena is unplayable currently and getting that done can take several hours.

As for rare dna, you can get that by fusing pretty easily or request for rare dna from your alliance.

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what they need to do is exactly what beaver said in his last video: double the amount needed to complete the missions and triple the rewards