Make the game more just!


Hey! I have been playing JW Alive for a long time and belive me its been a very great experience for me but now I am realising that with the new updates…Unfortunately Ludia is ignoring small towns and cities :pensive:Earlier I used to get a good amount of dinos in my locality but now I have to drive with my friends and able to get only a bit of dinos which are usually common DNA’s, events, and treasure chests have disappeared but major cities and porsche areas are able to get a large amount of rarer DNA’s thus forcing us to the backfoot and making the game unjust for us…I am not complaning Ludia but just requesting you to get some good stuffs for all the areas irrespective of whatever the region is(not forests, seas, oceans, rivers, volcanoes, mountains,…:joy:) so that everyone can enjoy this game and get a chance to just see how it feels to have a nice Indominus rex, etc…This will also increase your fan base…:blush: