Make the "I'm a passenger" msg remember


A minor annoyance but as a player who mostly puts time in while riding the train the constant messages saying “you are travelling too fast” requiring you to hit the “I’m a passenger” button seem excessive.
Sure put it up once at the beginning of the play session but there’s no need to repeat it every time I change between screens. If I was a passenger 10 seconds ago its a safe bet that I still am.


But what if you’re the Flash? The game doesn’t know if you are so they’re asking you just in case. To be safe of course.


it’s legal CYA and probably not going to change


Must get T-Rex DNA Lydia I’m still a passenger nope still a passenger nope still a passenger


It is very annoying and unnecessary quite so often. I could understand if you stopped and then when you moved off it asked but I only clicked it a minute ago. I’m still just in the passenger seat as I was the last time.


yeah if you actually are a passenger he asks you after every supply drop, it’s infuriating. It’s very annoying when I’m riding my bike.


I think that they have actually tightened up the speed parameters.

I can get a message if I am running.

Curious to know if persons traveling fast are “dampened”.
Meaning do they not experience some opportunities
For going fast?


I’ve been going 600 MPH in an airplane and not gotten the warning, but warned when walking or on a bike.


I love the safety option its extremely important.


Whats really annoying is as a passenger coming up on a rare or epic dino and as you get closer, waiting for the blue battery to fill, then as you press the button the “Im a Passenger Screen” pops up and by the time you get back you are already back to a yellow battery.


It would be nice for us peddle bikers if they would increase the speed at which the message pops up to at least 15 mph instead of 10.


I ride my bicycle and casually play around the parks on nice days.
am i going too fast?
am i a passenger?