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Make The RNG less or control in the game

Hey Ludia i have spent items to get the high prize and sometimes it is unlikey gives me the creature please control the RNG in the game and help us to get the creature better i was hopping today if i spend 20 tickets i would have got the snake but instead i got 1× meat and 8 buildings the RNG should be fixed

It’s literally a lottery with odds, just because you don’t win it doesn’t mean something is wrong :man_facepalming:t2:


But RNG needs to get controled it always select different rewards

It literally says what you have the chance of getting ?

Very very low RNG

Yeah that’s the point dude… makes it hard to get they don’t just give away creatures


@Freshprince is correct, those are the odds of winning, they are not Guarantees of winning. The more you play the better your chance of hitting a higher prize but it is still not Guaranteed.

Last week I ran a 63%, 32.7%, 4.3%, and 0% for the different levels across all of the 165 total tickets I purchased. Which is very close to the actual chances they sight of 60%, 34%, 5%, and 1%. Nothing is broken, yes I would like to get more of the 1% chances but I also know that’s not likely given the odds.


Right on. Most times, I don’t get the top prize. But then, on one occasion, I actually got two of the packs, which each yield a ton of VIP bonus points. Nowadays, I only join the 4th lottery of each day when there’s either a VIP dino or a pack as prize. End of week, I just top off with bucks for any shortfall. I’d rather save the VIP points for a 10k pack. Just my decision, nothing right or wrong about it. :sunglasses:


:frowning::roll_eyes::disappointed: well i know that the chance is so low Clash of Titan has best reward