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Make the Unique Birds Great Please!


I appreciate the adjustments on unique Grypolyth and Diorajasaur, but we cannot deny the fact that the unique birds are still VERY BAD. Ludia devs, can you please consider to adjust their stats or moves in 1.8?

I will take Pterovexus as an example. It seems that it got buffed because it will have Swap in Evasion, but its survival totally depends on if the dodge is successful or not. Think about it, due to its low HP, if it fails to dodge, it dies right after it swaps in when facing a rampage move from Erlidominus, Diloracheirus, Tenontorex, Thoradolosaur, Utarinex, Trykosaurus, etc (the list can go on). Additionally, in 1.7, some new moves can counter dodge and immune, and I really do not see Swap in Evasion can help Pterovexus that much.

Also, do you know that Pterovexus and Stygidaryx will be the ONLY two uniques without any rampage moves except counterattack uniques Grypolyth and Diorajasaur in 1.7? I can understand that counterattack uniques do not really need the rampage moves because they can still do a lot of damages, but Pterovexus and Stygidaryx cannot! Stygidaryx at least has lethal swoop to do some damage, but Pterovexus at level 30, the combined damages of nullifying impact and distracting impact are only 3030. Compared to quite a few uniques’ single move can cause more than 3000 damage, Pterovexus is just BAD. Overall, lacking high damage moves makes the unique birds useless.

Finally, I do not understand why Pterovexus is classified as a unique, Procerathomimus is an epic while Procerathomimus is way better than Pterovexus in basically every aspects AND Procerathomimus has a rampage move. Please see the following table:

Procerathomimus Pterovexus
HP 3000 3000
ATTACK 1400 1010
SPEED 131 129
RARITY Epic Unique

@Ludia_Developers , do the stats look right to you between an epic and a unique?

Unique birds are not easy to create or level up because the epic Darwin is very rare in the wild. I would hope you can re-work on the unique birds and their attributes and movesets can be “revamped to be more of coherent, meta-relevant Unique creatures” in 1.8.


How is Pterovexus useable?

Thanks for bringing up this subject!

100% agree!


Just made stygidaryx, and im horribly underwhelemed by it. I can’t believe its actually getting a health decrease too. Its so borderline unviable. It does nothing against stuff you want to use swap in invincibility on because erlidominus and indominus are immune. It also has sand paper for damage as its forced to either cleanse and swoop turn 1 so the other dino gets hit HARD or superiority strike and eat a huge move.

Against tryko this is awful. It has bad bleed moves turn 1, and it doesn’t excel at beating immune dinos either. Now you are gonna tell me its getting a health nerf next patch too??? Darwin is so rare to find. The legendary is actually better than the unique, truly because it has defense shattering impact and does damage. This thing needs to have lethal wound as a move instead of a lethal swoop. Or maybe lethal swoop shouldn’t have a delay! Long invincibility would be better than instant invincibility. It needs to be a decent bleeder. Which it is not.


Does this one look better?


Make Stgydarex good. Please. Darwez is litterly as good as it


Completely agree. What many asked was that the strength of all the uniques be equaled as much as possible and, to a certain extent, something similar but with a lower level of strength of the legendary finals (superhybrids). In this way, there could be about 15 different creatures usable in the high sand and not all would have the same equipment.

Ludia did a good job with Dio (in terms of strength because I did not like too much her transformation in Tryko 2) and with Grypolith. Also to some extent with Touramoloch, but left out of this the two birds and not nerfed tryko or draco (and perhaps dilora) creatures with too much power in the previous version. On the other hand the new uniques are unattainable for most, even for those of us who are in the Top500. Therefore, surely we will continue to see in the coming months the same creatures in the top teams with the only change that will enter the teams the Dio and I believe that the Erli will come out (that if it was already useless if rival had Tryko, now it will be the same with Dio and also with danger new anti-evasion blows). I suppose that for many people this is not a problem, but I would prefer that there were more FINALS creatures to include in teams of a certain level.


Thank you! I feel more attentions should be received! :slight_smile:


Would be even better it had a rampage move :stuck_out_tongue:


Daryx has the crowned head of a Stygi - and no stunning for miles. It inherits really nothing from Stygi but it’s sort of portrayed as a stunner in the description - bashing heads with other Stygi’s from 30,000 feet.

Forget cleansing swoop. Lethal swoop is at least interesting because if you swap in and get locked in place, you have a way to use lethal swoop like lethal wound and stay in play for the instant invincibility play. So at least lethal swoop can be used on swap in differently than when sending Stygi out. But give it SOMETHING that hits. Instant Rampage. Greater Stunning Impact. Instant Charge. Something with the bones of a head-smashing bird that skydives in.


How about something like this
Superiority strike/ shielding strike
Defensive stance
Greater Stunning Rampage
Lethal swoop
Firstly Darex could defensive stance, allowing it to take minimal damage whilst it waits for greater Stunning rampage to come out of delay. Turn two it uses that and it should stun. After that, its pin from swap in Invisibility is gone and it can get out. Also increase damage at least to 1200 and health to at least 4500.
Don’t know if this would work, but it could have side step instead of defensive stance

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Couldn't think of a title

Basically Stgydarex needs a move like side step of defensive stance to prepare for to hit hard on turn 2. If this happens, it can rack up some serious damage on turn two and depending on how the opponent is left, can either finish it with its basic attack or swoop out. What do you think. Could this work, because in my mind, Darex would be a lot more feared because of this

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I also have a proposed move set for Pteravexus

Definite rampage
Lethal swoop
Long dodge
Swap in dodge

Health 3600
Attack 1400+

Firstly, vexus can get a definite dodge. It’s basic move distraction can cut damage in half as many times as you need. Definite rampage does everything a nulifying move can and better and lethal swoop would just work


It would be literally unstoppable.

You can’t just give it everything.

Lethal swoop would make sense.
So does long dodge OR definite impact.

Giving it all three + more base stats is nonsense.


K consider this.
Nulifying strike
Definite impact
Long dodge
Lethal swoop

But still even with that move set I gave it, it is far from OP. Creatures with definite, precise, nulifying, a ton of damage would easily kill it


Wait. If Darex needs a stall move this would work

Wing Beat
Priority 100% dodge for 1 turn. Increase critical chance by 50% for 2 turns. Increase speed by 10% for 2 turns


That is reasonable in my book.


What do you think of the move set for Darex


I personally believe Stygidaryx needs an Impact type of move. As in not a bleed.

Stunning Impact / Rampage, Rampage / Impact Instant Charge… Something.

Double Swoop is redundant, and it is part Stygimoloch. It makes no sense Darwezopteryx with all the teeth bleeds less than a toothless domeheaded sky hammer with wings.


My thinking of the Pterovexus’s stats and moves:
Attack increased to 1400
Pinning strike
Nullfying Impact
Distracting Impact
Lethal swoop
Swap-in Long Dodge (to prevent it be killed right after it swaps in)


Attack increased to 1200
Pinning strike
Nullfying Impact
Distracting Rampage (remove turn 1 delay, change Procerathomimus’s rampage into impact)
Lethal swoop
Swap-in Long Dodge (to prevent it be killed right after it swaps in)


Having swap in dodge is risky…Ludia may nerf Pterovexus’ HP for that…Lethal Wound is better than Lethal Swoop…because the swap in dino can get killed by just one big bite like 5982…