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Make tournaments great again


I have loved this game for about two years now and have had a break for a while and decided to come back to this game to continue to make my park better. When I went onto the tournament that was being held I thought it was going to be like it was before two years ago when I could battle level 1-10 commons on my first match, but that was totally not what happened and I was fighting against level 40 super rare to level 20 legendary on my first match! I was very confused about how that happed. I used to fight dinosaurs like that around the legendary league of the tournament not the hatchling league! So then I thought that you could simply add a certain levels and classes of dinosaurs like having common dinosaurs only in the hatchling league and rares in prey league along with a mix of commons. That little improvement will probably bring me back to fighting in tournaments. This is still one of the most brilliant games I’ve ever played on IOS devices! Keep up the excellent work!


Couldn’t agree more. I had recently purchased the V.I.P membership and on the first match-up was pitted against A level 40 mammoth and segnosauras . I was taken back by this as the next match-up was also a high level line-up. I put it down to my status being a V.I.P. But now I see other users are experiencing as much there defiantly is work to be done with the tournaments.


Thanks for sharing that with us! I’ll be sharing your feedback with our devs shortly as they’re always seeking ways to improve the player experience.


Yes, it has been very hard to get into and stay in the dominator league. In the wooly mammoth tournament, 8 months ago when I didn’t have as many powerful dinosaurs, I got to #1 in the dominator league, only speeding up my best dinos a couple of times. But now, in the secodontosaurus tournament, I haven’t even entered the dominator league.:persevere: ( I haven’t been trying too hard to enter the dominator league, though)


To add to this, staying in the dominator league was nearly impossible. I tried my butt off and spent over 7,000 Dino bucks. SEVEN THOUSAND. The devs change the gameplay of this more than any game I’ve ever seen. I’ve played for 3 years and it’s a constant rollercoaster of inconsistency.

In most of the tournaments before, I would be paired up with people of my skill level or matched with dinosaurs of around my level, and that’s fair. NOW I’m being matched up with max level gold fusion dinosaurs every single time that are stronger than almost any I have on my team. Luckily, I don’t spend money on Dino bucks and only watch the ads and stuff for them, but this NEEDS to be fixed. I will literally stop playing if you guys keep on trying to squeeze every cent out of us as possible. It’s already bad enough that an aquatic or Cenozoic pack costs $49.99. Lol

Another prime example, the styxosaurus pack, to win it, I need to beat 3 dinosaurs with a minimum of 7250 health and 2200 attack 3 times?!?! My max dinosaur has 6000 health and 2200 attack and that’s my highest by a long shot. What are you guys smoking?!?! Also worth mentioning that on of the dinosaurs I have to beat has 8500 health and 2250 attack lol.

This is a complete joke. Please fix the game difficulty and sliders before everyone stops playing, because clearly you are forcing people to speed up their dinosaurs and buy Dino bucks and it’s clearly outrageous.


I already talked to the support last week about how the tournament was basically impossible, and now it’s happening again. This is a brand new creature (it looks cool too) and it’s already looking like I’m not going to get it. You guys really need to make tournaments fair and fun again because I’m not okay with losing time, wasting thousands of Dino bucks, and just losing over and over.


They don’t care, I’m convinced that as long as they are making money, they don’t care.

The prize wheel is also so completely and utterly rigged. There’s essentially no difference from dominator to hatchling or prey other than what you see on the wheel while spinning. I was in dominator league (though at the bottom) for almost the entire tournament last time, and only won VIP packs and some coins and food. You see all of this nice and shiny stuff before you spin, and then constantly land on the low tier, pieces of crap. It feels definitely fixed.


I won a umoonasaurus from the spin wheel, but every time there’s a tournament I practice the spin wheel. Is it legitimately rigged so that you can’t get the tournament creature or legendaries/aquatic and cenozoic. I just want these guys to fix their tournaments so I can actually advance more in this game. Plus basically every tournament creature is worth it, so there’s that.


I don’t think it’s worth spending every single one of my Dino bucks for. Comparatively, the tournaments used to match you with same level dinosaurs so that it would be skill against skill, rather than this rigged, always playing you against the best dinosaurs possible crap that’s going on in these tournaments. Happened last tournament and is happening again this tournament. It’s a joke and makes the playing experience terrible.