Make tournaments highscore-based

So I’ve won many matches in the common skill tournament and reached 365 trophies (almost top 100). Currently the reward is great, that’s really a lot of coins. And I don’t want to lose it. Now I fear to play a match, because with bad RNG or losed speed ties I can waste all my wins. If tournaments were highscore-based, then I wouldn’t be scared of that and play till the end of this tournament. You’ve changed the arena to highscore system and that was great. Now it’s time for tournaments to receive this change, don’t you think?


:100: this would be a great improvement - I think I could handle the RNG and speed ties with better grace


Definitely they wouldn’t be as annoying as they are now

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Of course speed ties could still be changed, @Qaw has IMO the best idea of how to change them

Missed that thread but just found it and voted - sounds simple on paper - not sure how easy it would be to programme - but great idea!

No. It doesn’t actually help since every other player gets the same advantage.

It just looks like you would get those winnings if you go on a losing streak but in reality you would still be 2 levels away because of all the players who were ahead and now are behind you.

This isn’t necessarily going to make it easier to win, that isn’t the point. What it does do is take most of the stress out of the tournaments, which is a lot, even if you aren’t losing all the speed ties.


Reached rank 90 now. Games are even more stressful there

I’d agree to make it highscore-based.
I’d play more often then.

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That’s what happened to me with the snake tournament. I had a nice high score, so I decide to try my luck and see if I could go higher. Nope, ended the tournament lower and sad about the lost Snake DNA.

I had the same situation. I was in top 250 and dropped nearly lowee than 5000. At least it was enough to unlock the snake

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I was close to drop in last match. It ended in a duel between two Velos so it was a speed tie. A very stressful one. Luckily I won, but it was so close…

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I don’t see the point.
For real, this is the best thing tourneys have… the sense of danger, the anxiety, having to keep fighting to prove yourself.
Having a ton of time and waiting until the luck decides to smile on you would be way worst than the current system.

same here. but only when reward worth for me. if i reach a hard score, i stop to play, afraid to loose.