Make tournaments optional


I realize not all will agree but why force everyone to compete? If you’re going to do that, either measure by trophies gained from your MAX or divide it into tiers somehow. Either by if you’re playing for free/paid, player level, SOMEthing so we don’t all need to play only our best 8 for another 3 weeks instead of mixing in a flyer or something here and there. Just feels so stagnant going up against same foes every single time.

Cannon fodder

Personally, I want to live in an ignorant, blissful paradise where the tournament can go on (without a trophy count :scream:), and we all battle as we always do because we love to play, want to win, and want incubators, and then when it’s all over, we see where everyone placed and go on with our lives. I hate the constant reminder of my trophy count…I cannot ignore it…I MUST WIN MORE TROPHIES… I can’t help the drive to complete, but it makes me crazy. CRAZY
That’s just me.


I was hoping for a tiered tournament… Like arenas 1-3, 4-6, and 7-10 (since there’s only about 5 people in arena 10).

But yes, optional would be a huge improvement.


Technically you can optionally use the weaker Dino’s, drop down in trophies and not worry about rising back up to the top. I realize it requires some extra “wasted” time on your part to dump trophies but it will get you what you want.


You mean introduce a mode where you can battle, but not for trophies?

Im sure its coming.

Hearthstone has this.
Clash royale has this.
Castle crush has this.

They even had it as part of their survey.

Id be really surprised if the following weren’t coming eventually:

Non competitive play (other than friendly battles)
Card synced competitive play
Some way to share replays

They just need to prioritize and work through their backlog.


I don’t understand this “opt out” stance??

I play for incubators period. Yes during the final hour and a half of the last tournament I intentionally played for position.

What are you trying to opt out of? Play for your incubators and ignore the final trophy count. Isn’t that the exact same thing as an opt out would do for you?

Even just playing for incubators is going to have you seesawing up and down if you’re close to as high as your team will allow. So opting out will change that in what way???


Right there with ya. If they would give us the option to hide the count, that would be a start!


The tiers can be restricted based on summation of your team’s dino level. Sum of all 8/4 dinos level on your team total 40/80. If you cross that level, you do not classify for the lower tier and are automatically put on higher tier.
Once you are put on higher tier, it is not possible to come down (by switching to weaker dinos).

One of the easiest ways to make this tournament optional was to have a separate leaderboard and separate Battle Option.


I also want to address the call for different brackets for paid/free and player level and why this is a bad idea

First what qualifies paid? VIP? One of the 1.99$ offers? The whale dropping 3 quadrillion dollars? They’d need a ton of brackets to even do this. Not to mention, the tournament is designed to make people want to pay money to advance… which theoretically gets money to Ludia to fund server functions… new content…etc. we should not stifle that, the option to buy coins exists for everyone.

Second player level is a terrible idea. Someone can invest in 8 Dino’s only and be an artificially low player level and then crush the people in his division with a level 26 common deck.

The tournament bracket is fine as is. There are tons of players on this forum, people wanting to play battles with other Dino’s could ask for in game friends and use the friendly battle system. I’m not saying the tournament is perfect, I think there should be easier prizes to be earned for casual players, but creating a bunch of brackets will not actually make people happy. It will generate new complaints


I’m ranked 50 right now… I face people with Dino’s that out level all of mine. I’m happy with my spot in the ladder. I do not need a “fair” bracket so I am number 1 or have the chance to be


So you’re assuming/asking for a way for some people to play in a hard core tournament and some to play a soft tournament?

You do realize that “if” the player base was devided from seeing each other l, the very next thread would be a long list of complaints on how long you have to wait to find a suitable opponent.

The entire concept of the arena is based on two “live” players fighting each other in real time. Spilling the base up makes it even less likely that you can find a suitable opponent when you look for a battle or battles.

Then there is the whole “bot” complaint that would be formed all over again.

The more the arena is split the worse it will get.

How is that not obvious???


Yes, one of the myriad of new complaints that would arise

Edit: in the upper tier, I already will face the same guy 3 times in a row on off hours because it pulls from such a small distance. Or wait long periods. I’ve had an 8 minute wait time once. I don’t want to wait hours for someone to get online in my “fair” bracket. I watched a buddy of mine in Clash of Clans search for an opponent for over 2 hours when he was up near the tippy top.


The biggest point everyone seems to be missing is so simple.

The arena is based on really only one criteria…
That two “live” players of somewhat similar level can compete in “real time”

Split the arena into multiple different areas where you can only see/battle those in your area, and there will be so many instances where you will never find an opponent.

This isn’t a you vs. a computer thing. It’s you vs. another live player at that precise moment in time.


It’s a personality / competitive thing. Maybe you can ignore them. So glad for you. I can’t do it. It’s just me. And obviously I can’t NOT see the count. As I stated elsewhere, I’m happy to compete; I just don’t want to see the count until the end. I want to be in ignorant bliss and not stress out over my trophy count. :blush:
It’s ok, and probably great for you, if you can’t understand that, but that’s my explanation.


Sorry, first post was hidden. So I reposted the idea a second time. It was hidden and then they both were unhidden almost simultaneously lol


Not sure if you meant to reply to me or not. I agree with your points.

Ive listed what i believe will happen.


I can understand that to a point. Problem is, if your team isn’t ready for t500. Then it’s a non issue anyway. No different than wanting to race at the track when all you have is a pinto vs. the stock cars and saying it’s not fair that you have to watch them pass you. You just don’t want to know what place you’re in until you cross the finish line.

That’s an almost impossible request.


I know, accidentally clicked on you and realized after I typed… and hit submit


Haha no worries!!


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