Make Towers Challenging Again - No Boosts Option

After 1.7 and the worst idea ever boosts released, to have some fun with towers i have to setup myself a lower team.

I was fighting some easiest towers with my old commons like apatosaurus or stego.
Middle towers I use to drop uniques and select some legendaries/epics i dont use for months.
The golden towers i keep my main team, but I select the 4 weakest creatures.

I know many of you would tell me: :zipper_mouth_face: and leave our free incubatos alone. But at least for me, game has to be challenging. Or, Ludia could simple give us all those incubators from message box.

If I use my average lvl 22~23 boosted uniques, all i have to do is smash-smash-smash-smash and collect all dna.

My suggestion (one of many from community): Just remove boosts use for towers. Period.

EDIT: adding suggestion from @Stiffeno to make disabling of boosts an option, that offers more rewards.


Sounds great. Boosts make it so you fight only higher boosted teams at high levels in the arena and have no benefit for towers. When exactly are boosts good for lv 30 teams may I ask?

I wouldn’t mind having an option to do the tower with boosts disabled in return for slightly more rewards.
Those who wanna use boosts can do so, and those who want more of a challenge and chance at a little better rewards can disable them!


good idea. when at team select screen, an option to disable/enable boosts and it auto change reward.
the “i” button could show boosted and no boosted rewards.

changed title. thanks @Stiffeno


Or, instead of removing the boosts from the strike towers where no one has any problems with them, Ludia insteads remove them from the arena, shocking I know.


from arena too would be great. but it’s clear ludia loves selling boost packs. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

IDK,boost helps low level player beat epic strike or players that need those DNA in that moment maybe for fusion or daily mission but in the same time,epic strike was meant to be only beatable for players with high level creatures.maybe make it an option,use boost or not use boost maybe,with some benefits ex. more resources and DNA

No worries, would love to see it a reality =D

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Or give them the same boosts as your top 3 dinos.
You wanna fight with a 7/7/7 Tryko? Sure, the AI lvl30 Pyroraptor is also 7/7/7! Good luck.


I prefer easy mode with boosts, thanks :sunglasses:


I would much rather prefer an option for instant Bot battles instead of waiting for the countdown to face a 26 boosted Thor every match :smirk:

for bots the a.i. must be enhanced. all a.i. battles are like playing against a rookie.

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Not a bad idea but if you want towers to be more challenging why don’t you use a non boosted team? I mean no one is forcing you to use your boosted unique dinos :smiley:


should the game manage challengings for the player, not the opposite.

Me too! If I ever wish Ludia not to listen to anything, it would be this lol.

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so all that towers dna should be given through message box, and not as a “challenge” system.

“thank you for your cooperation. here is your today’s free strike incubators.”

without good challenges, i would play candy crush or kik the buddy instead. :laughing:

but i am a predictor:


Because it would be good to use our uniques in towers and not be forced to use other dinosaurs.

HARD PASS. :no_entry_sign:
You want a challenge?
Go to the arena.

you want easy incubators? go to the store.

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