Make Towers Challenging Again - No Boosts Option

Easy boosts actually :wink:

I still remember the first strike towers using a calculator to see my win possibilities with a new created Stegodeus level 16 and Indominus rex.

Chatting with my telegram group for the best team options and possible strategies. That was really good. I really suffered when lost even twice the same strike tower and won no prizes… But in the end, when you were able to win the match you really appreciated that.
I think this has to come again. I stopped as OP says, using top 8 team and started using low level unboosted dinos for strike towers.

There were a lot of topics and messages here, studying metahub strategy and that has been lost. This was part of the game, having this forum alive.

I want to recover it.

Hey… New epic tower… Let’s go Thor :zap::hammer:

these towers are a challenge!! try not to get hit once😂 that dang irritator swap in though, gets me every once in awhile…


huahuahua. well minded. if i use my main team:

easier towers i use to see if i can solo with weakest dino from my team.

master towers i try to beat without loosing a dino.

those are my challenges. :laughing:

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Very… very challenging.

I was just thinking this is one way we can utilize other dinos. If they make it more of a challenge they will just apply boosts to them and we will all be forced to use our boosted teams. I think it could make it less fun.

But option to do non boosted and boosted is good.


The best part about these new 10-battle Towers is they can take care of that pesky Daily Task for battles.

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