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Make unlock event for T-Rex and Velociraptor Gen 2

Since we got Indominus Rex Gen 2 and alot people can’t get her without spending money can we get a unlock event for then? It would make alot people happy

That is going to take a long while. The only reason for them to introduce those 2nd gen creatures was to make a lot of money with their last creation, the Indominus Rex 2nd gen.


This would indeed make so many folks happy.

@Tommi nailed it on the head though.

I will say that Indom Gen 2 is my favorite of the Gen 2’s. I love his aesthetic.


Maybe it is the final Christmas present.:santa:


That’d be :snowman:

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That would great gift but i doubt it would be unlockable @G-ReptilianFoot @Tommi

I just finished doing a tournament for velociraptor gen 2 and I thought I would unlock it! Guess not, the sad thing about me finishing that tournament was that I used some of my best creatures, lost a couple of times, and didn’t even unlock it when I finished!

If there is no open lock on the pack, it will not unlock the creature, it will be the same for the other GEN 2 event on Friday.

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Look who I just faced:

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Looks like she found her twin :joy: she will not be lonely again

Last event was same it didn’t unlock her