Make VIP More Appealing


What got me interested in the VIP was the incubator you get. However, when I found out that it’s a one time only thing, it really made the VIP less valuable. The battery and DNA are useful but not $10 a month useful. I think giving VIP members an extra ‘free’ incubator would be nice. It should be a nice incubator too. Maybe one with as much value as an epic or perhaps a little less. The point is if I am going to pay $10 a month for VIP, the rewards should be better.


I agree. One free VIP incubator per month.


I also would like to see the shortage on money problem getting less of a problem. 15k for a Dino is almost undoable if you must get it from drops. If your a vip and spending 10,- euros a month I really would like to see more benefit from it. More cash in events. Incubators and drops. And some monthly or even daily rewards.


15k for a dino isnt hard between arena wins/stop spins and the treasure hunt is great. The issue is people spending their bucks on incubators instead of coin :man_shrugging:


No the issues is 50-70k for one level on a dino


honeslty, if you hunt enough, you easily get way more than $10 worth of DNA from the increased drone battery life. but it would be nice if there were VIP versions of the free incubators (like JW The Game) and you got some sort of VIP incubator once per month.


I canont ever see myself spending 10$ a month on a POGO clone app. That is insane. Thats a world of warcraft account(or other service) that I would get waaaaaaay more fun and enjoyment out of. Not to mention time spent per dollar…