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Make we can chat before start raid

Like this situation
A: i will use Tryko
B: ok i will use Dio
C: i use tenontorex
D:i will use Ardentismaxima
This only one i want in next update


use Discord

Someone not have discord and some one not have friends

You can create your own server and invite people to it. It has a voice call feature where you can talk to each other

I’ll not do voice reveal

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…and another device.
this app doesn’t like multitasking since june 2018.

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but well minded, let me quote myself:

its extremely hard to coordinate attacks and plan situations when trying to work together on raid dinos. The current system has decent messages but not nearly enough to cover every scenario and keep everyone on the same page.

You want a Raid chat before alliance chat is fixed. You guys love wanting broken things don’t ya. :smile:

Wow i play jwa for 1 year i never know it has bug🤣

“Stop MF-ing the mammotherium”

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Keep it to like it is but just add more to it. Instead of time to heal, maybe select a teammate and use a command like use healdistract, use shield, or damage it. Personally I don’t think it needs that great of an update to do its job. Also add a timing option like teammate, use distract next turn or null in 2 turns so you can also plan ahead. Either that or just add basic text chat to those battles, not pvp tho.

Exactly what I said, there should be chat avalable while players are joining and choosing creatures, maybe even throughout the whole raid

so we can talk about using different dinos please before we go in!

Yep, at least we should be able to send basic popups like “Wait for four/three”, “Need a healer/shielder”, “Need a cunning/fierce/resilient” etc.

It’d also be nice to be able to change moves @Ned If two of us hit heal at the same time, it’d be nice to be able to have a chance to reassess. Maybe a second “Confirm” button so we can show each other what we’re planning to do.