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Make Your Own Fan Made Patch Notes!

Hello Everyone @Striderfan562 Here, and today I want to tell you to make your own patch notes. It will be in a topic. It should have the (Fan made) text in it. So you have 20 days to make your patch notes. If it’s cool, i’ll like it. Start Now!

We barely got rid of those …



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But if you put fan made in it, it wont be deleted!

Not what I meant. People were making heaps of them, being copycats of the original person who had the idea. It’s one of those things that was fun in the beginning but then it just didn’t have the same impact anymore as it’s been overdone.


Sorry but doing your own patch notes isn’t a good idea. They take enormous amount of work, but almost no one will read them. Including Ludia, don’t think they take any of ours ideas seriously, even if we repeat them many times. They always have their own way to solve problems (and if they don’t, they just don’t solve the problem at all)


What happens if you make your own patch notes?

Does @File_laline make fake patch notes

It’s generally considered spam by most.


2.1 patchnotes :

Matchmaking is finally fixed

Speed boosts are removed

Nerf on Maxima and Tryko

The team selection isn’t based on RNG, now you can choose your own team

Raids rewards are doubled

Friendlies are now fixed should be way easier to fight with a friend

Fixing the bug with the " lobby is full" but it’s not really

Giga scents are staying forever

Resilient moves doesn’t cleanse distraction anymore

Nerf on Allo g2

Speedties are only based on luck in PvP battles (in coop it doesn’t change)

Chat alliance is finally fixed

And finally…

BUFF ON OG INDORAPTOR, APR becomes DSR and ES gives 75% chance to dodge

It didn’t take so much work and time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True… BUT… what about my patch notes?

I already made the rewards in raid better I think it’s already enough to helps you lol

Make a topic about it.

Oh ok thanks!

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Should you add new creatures to your fanmade patch notes?

I have the ideas for many new updates, and I have written those in word files. To start off, ladies and gentlemen, I present you The Secrets of InGen update -

  • Secrets of InGen
  • Since the update is very large, the whole update will be divided into six parts.
  • The update will feature creatures cloned by InGen which were not shown in the movie (or appeared in the movie as skeleton or carcass, like Teratophoneus).
  • New battle mechanism – Allies and Rivals – will be featured.
  • A creature will have a specific group of ally creatures. If a creature is teamed with its ally creature in battle, the creature and the ally creature will gain a random buff during the battle. If the creature be nullified, it will again get a random buff after one turn.
  • A creature will have a specific group of rival creatures. If a creature faces with a team with its rival creature in battle, it and the rival creature will get a random buff and debuff. This can be cleansed and nullified.
  • While the ally creature is based on the team of self, the rival creature is more based on enemy creature.
  • The ally will not affect the opponent creature even if it is the ally of our creature, because all of the opponent’s creatures are a rival at the current battle.
  • The rival creature will not affect the creatures in our team even if a creature of our team is included in the rival group of another creature in our team, because all of team mates of the creature are the creature’s ally.
  • New map feature – Restricted Area.
  • These restricted areas will spawn randomly each time we reload the game.
  • When clicked on the restricted area, a random creature featured in this group of updates will spawn on the place of the Restricted Area.
  • These restricted areas will spawn exclusively until the next update, and will reduce extremely after the next update.
  • New creature debuff – Poison
  • Actually is a different type of D.o.T.
  • When affected by this debuff, a specified part of the HP bar will appear purple, this part is called hold. Some centimeters before will have the similar D.o.T. line. After some time, the health in hold will be deducted and the process will go on.
  • A random buff or debuff, cleanse will be applied on the poisoned creature.
    Screenshot (980)

The hold and random buffs/debuffs will be removed on cleanse, but the D.o.T. will remain, which will be removed on the next cleanse.

List of Creatures -

Corythosaurus (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Pachyrhinosaurus (already existing in JW: TG)
Parasaurolophus gen 2
Pteranodon gen 2
Viavenator]-PART 1
[Edmontosaurus gen 2
Ceratosaurus (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Therizinosaurus (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Metriacanthosaurus (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Proceratosaurus gen 2
Aucasaurus]-PART 2
Deinonychus gen 2 (gen 1 in JW:TG)
Troodon (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Pycnonemosaurus]-PART 3
Giganotosaurus (gen 2 in JW: TG)
Quilmesaurus]-PART 4
Carnotaurus gen 2
Abelisaurus]-PART 5
Diplodocus gen 2
Iguanodon gen 2
Alamosaurus]-PART 6
[V-2 – Velociraptor
Green – Velociraptor
Red – Velociraptor
Super Raptor – Utahraptor]-PART 5

[Pachyspinax=Pachycephalosaurus+Altispinax (JW: A)
Pachycephalosaurus gen 2+Altispinax (JW: TG)]-PART 1
[Metriotherizinus=Metriacanthosaurus +Therizinosaurus (JW: A)
Metriacanthosaurus gen 2+Therizinosaurus gen 2 (JW: TG)
Metriotherizinamargus=Metriotherizinus +Amargasaurus (JW: A)
Metriotherizinus +Amargasaurus S-DNA (JW: TG)]-PART 2
[Malusaurus rex=Ceratosaurus + Deinonychus (JW: A)
Ceratosaurus gen 2+Deinonychus (JW: TG)]-PART 3
[Diabolus rex=Teratophoneus+Troodon (JW: A)
Teratophoneus+Troodon gen 2 (JW: TG)]-PART 4

Please review it and give your opinions :smile:


Give stats and rarity for me, please. I am too lazy to do it by my own :sweat_smile:

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Make a topic about it

Good idea
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Hey @MASTER_REX Should I make my own patch notes?