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Make your own top 10 arena creatures 2.2

Here is mine:

1- Grypolyth
2- Mammolania
3- Ceramagnus
4- Monolorhino
5- Magnapyritor
6- Geminititan
7- Tryko
8- Thoradolosaur
9- Pterovexus
10- Diorajasaur

Remember this is an opinion, not necessarily a fact. What is your top 10 arena creatures 2.2?

Out of interest, why Pterovexus?

I think my top 10 would be something like (in no particular order)

  • Grypolyth
  • Diorajasaur
  • Geminititan
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Mammolania
  • Tenontorex
  • Thylacotator
  • Trykosaurus
  • Monolorhino
  • Magnapyritor

I think Cermagnus, Mortem Rex, Hadros Lux, Thoradolosaur, Quetzorion, and Erlikospyx are all strong contenders, too, but for the Apex creatures in particular, I think it’s a bit early to say for certain. I wouldn’t be shocked if Ceramagnus bumps someone off, though. Also, I’m keeping an eye on Spinonyx–while I doubt it’ll rise to top tier, its new buffs might make it an underdog candidate.


Because Vexus has quite a lot of resistances and only 2 of the dinos on my list are Immune to Bleed. That’s why I thought it deserves a top 10. It can also pin, nullify and distract

This is in no paticular order, but…


Why is this not here?

Monolorhino: Ceramgnus is now the new best swap in damage. 1500 armor piercing, group accelleration, precise rampage, this is a swap in who can take out the likes of mortem rex, magna, tryko in mindgames, and many more top tiers. Monolorhino doesn’t compare in 1v1, but when resistances come into play when it matters (such as against grypo) lorhino can do some good. Overall, in my opinion, Ceranagnus is better. I’d say a top 12, to be fair. Being replaced like that rises more uniques in your place.

Thylacotator: While it is good, it is still easy to counter via a magna or quetz swap. It is more of a top 15 in my eyes.

Maxima: Still a worse gemini. 30% crit is NOT reliable, and the health buff doesn’t exactly help it. Again, makes the top 15.

Mortem Rex: Too easy to counter. Beaten by the sloth, smilodon, pyroraptor, magna, ceramagnus, hadros lux, gemini, lania, thor, indo, and a whole lot of stuff. Maybe a top tier when it comes to boosts, but WAY underpowered compared to hadros and magnus.

Remarkable spots:

Quetzorion: Makes it here because Monolorhino was completely thrown off. It no longer holding the title of best swap in creature in the game brings quetzorion to my list, with its only reliable counter being geminititan, everything else fails miserably or gets bullied.

Mammolania: A strong unique who can annoy you for long periods without diorajasaur or trykosaurus, even magna and quetzorion, it’s sure to even solo a whole team if you can’t pierce its armor.

Erlikospyx: 20% crit with two 3000 damage rampages on revenge is mega-powerful. Can beat tryko in mindgames, owns every other unique cunning besides erlidom and quetzorion, and has a reliable speed advantage move, minimal speedup strike, which unlike the prioritized sidestep, can help it gain speed advantages over things like faster magnas.

That’s basically my list.

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(i have sarco and thyla but other than those i have none)

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True, though I think Thylaco or Spinonyx are better bleeders than Ptero after its nerfs. Both benefit from having a bleed and a rend, and they’re not made out of paper. Thylaco in particular pretty much requires a Cunning or high-immunity choice to counter, since it can basically two-tap anything not able to quickly deal with the bleed or shrug off either the bleed or rend.

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Another reason that made me choose Vexus is the easier DNA to farm. But Thyla and Spinonyx will be absolute monster

Ahh, I see. That’s something I didn’t consider, since I assume that top-end players are generally going to be pretty well-furnished with DNA :stuck_out_tongue:


I think those are the 10 best dinos in terms of balance between arena, raids and team composition.
I didn’t add Lux or Magnus because I think we need to try them out first to be able to have a fair judgement.


  1. Grypo
  2. Mortem
  3. Tryko
  4. Gemini
  5. Monolorhino
  6. Thylacotator
  7. Maxima
  8. Magna
  9. DracoceRat/tosaurus
  10. Dioraja
  1. Hadros lux
  2. Ceramagnus
  3. Tryko
  4. Mortem
  5. grypo
  6. Magna
  7. Mammolania
  8. Monolorhino
  9. Dioraja
  10. Zorion