Making a new hybrid project

So this project is where I’ll mix 3 dinosaurs and then keep doing it kind of like the Color Triangle where you 3 Primary colors (for this one I’ll pick Red, Green, and Blue because that’s the RGB primary colors), then you mix them into 3 new colors (so Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta). Then you mix your new 3 with your 1st 3 to make a new set of 6 (so Orange, Chartreuse, Spring Green, Azure, Violet, and Rose).So think of Primary Colors as Non-Hybrids, Secondary Colors as Hybrids, Tertiary Colors as Super Hybrids, Quaternary Colors as Mega Hybrids and Quinary Colors as what I call Giga Hybrids.
So here’s how it’s done for all of them for RGB. (up to Tertiary)
Yellow (Red + Green)
Cyan (Green + Blue)
Magenta (Blue + Red)
Orange (Red + Yellow)
Chartreuse (Yellow + Green)
Spring Green (Green + Cyan)
Azure (Cyan + Blue)
Violet (Blue + Magenta)
Rose (Magenta + Red)
The rest can be found on this page
I know you guys were waiting for this and no more of my color talk it’s now time to talk about how you’ll do this yourself if you want to do it. Here is the link to the generator I used to make mine Random dinosaurs - GeneratorMix make sure that your amount of generated dinosaurs is at 3 because if it’s not you might forget what some of the hybrids but if you do draw all 45 hybrids (yes it’s 45 I did the math you can draw the non-hybrids if you want and even you can color them but those are optional I always give my creatures a splash of color) you can advance to 4 generated dinosaurs which it’ll be a bit harder but makes it a bit more fun.