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Making alpha raids better


The current Alpha battle system is extremely frustrating. There are a couple things would work well if they were adapted from other games.

1st: Right now, we can beat any 3 star big bad, but 4 star alphas are a struggle. We can beat the Green Death, but Bewilderbeasts are out of reach. In SW Galaxy of Heroes, guild officers can pick the difficulty tier of each raid. Currently, we are bouncing between guaranteed rewards from 3s and often impossible 4 alphas. This is pushing down participation against 4s. That means we only get rewards a bit more often than every other day. If I could set our raids as 3s every day, and occasionally move up to 4s when we think we are ready to step up. This would improve our rate of advancement and improve player morale.

2nd: Lots of members of my clan are still experiencing the bug where the game freezes while loading a battle, in particular, during alpha battles. Because alpha energy refreshes so slowly, this makes fighting challenging alphas difficult but also a drain on morale.

My suggestion, which I have included in discussions with customer service, is to make the expenditure of energy the last thing that happens while loading a battle, making it less likely that a crash will cause players to be penalized for trying. It would still prevent players from force closing a battle that is going poorly without spending energy. Again, this seems to be how SWGoH is set up. That doesn’t fix the problem players are having with the mission crashing on the last turn, but one bug at a time, right?

3rd: I’d love to have more detailed stats available for players, like how many alpha attempts have they made, lifetime and weekly. This would make managing a guild, especially removing players that aren’t contributing, a much easier job.

Thanks, Ceph


i agree with you.
no 1 is a great feature to add.
no 2 should be addressed quickly
no 3 i think is a must have, as we can’t be the one to take notes for every 25 members of the clans everyday. the game should provide us with thes