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Making challenge bosses harder

I’ve seen a few comments about making challenges more… challenging. I’m on board with this. This obviously needs to be balanced with lower level players/characters still having an opportunity to farm a challenge, build their strength and level their characters. I also like the idea of increased risk leads to increased reward.

With these principles in mind, I’d propose the following changes to the bosses AI:

Firstly - do not alter any room 3 boss. Also suggest we don’t change any of the first 3 dungeons full stop. This keeps things fairer for those still levelling up to 10.

Room 6 bosses change as follows:
* Dragon - When deciding which action to take, the dragon should analyse each of its potential attack patterns and pick the one which affects the most number of enemy heroes, i.e. it should do damage every turn, ideally to 2+ heroes
* Mind flayer - use dominate in round 1 or 2 instead of round 3, and modify the ‘swap’’ behaviour to consider characters with a default attack being melee vs ranged, i.e. don’t swap a melee character for a melee character.
* Fiend - interleave more direct attacks in earlier rounds based upon health/positioning of heroes (similar to dragon - be opportunistic if there’s a chance to deal damage to 2+ heroes)

Room 9 bosses have all the rules of room 6 AND one/more of the following:
* Potentially introduce 1-2x random room 8 creatures to be on the battlefield at the start (I realise this makes the dragon AI more complex - needs to hit heroes without hitting its allies)
* Initiative order to be first always
* Enhanced prioritisation of killing key characters, e.g. remove the cleric if there is one, look for any character who are equipped and able to one-shot at range (e.g. wizard+disintegrate), or even look at who did the most damage to the room 6 boss

On the reward side of things, if a player kills the room 9 boss,I’d suggest randomly assigning a 1x or 2x or 3x multiplier to the reward, and maybe a 1x vs 2x multiplier if they kill the room 6 boss.

I think there are a lot of smart people in these forums that can probably suggest even better ideas to improve the bosses AI and create more fun/challenge there - so please feel free to critique/add as you see fit!

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Sucks for those building up that have less chance of getting 2 dice and 3 dice for a long time from dragon up

Wouldn’t it be better to leave whole lot as is and have a master version of say the mind flayer and demon once you get to a certain renown level or perhaps even once you’ve 3 diced the challenge

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Fradam, I see where you are coming from, but I view the challenges differently. There are currently 6 challenges available. Each challenge offers a different difficulty level while providing corresponding rewards. Easier challenges like Sharpstone Keep are suitable for novice players while Lightfinger Estate offers a greater challenge with suitable rewards for experienced players.

I disagree with making any functional changes to the challenges. The challenges currently work as intended, providing six tiers of difficulty. I suggest it is likely any unnecessary attempts to alter the challenges would be unsuccessful. The many attempts to adjust PvP serve as a portent to the adverse impact of such efforts.

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I agree with orloch. There are already 6 different levels of difficulty when it comes to the challenges. They have different monsters but they are all basically the same thing. 9 rooms with a “boss” every third room and get progressively harder as you get to each boss. Just because someone might like to fight a dragon more than a mind flayer, or whatever, doesn’t mean that each type of boss need more difficulties. I am only level 13, for the most part, and can’t beat the last two consistently yet so I don’t know how much of a challenge they are for the upper level folks, but if they aren’t, I would suggest a new challenge dungeon, there is no reason to change the ones we have. They seem to have a little something for most levels between them already

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I’ve been considering these comments and accept the points about the levels of challenges - so would like to revise the subject title from “harder” to “more interesting”.

Perhaps we could lower the stat block slightly for these bosses and add in a dash of change as per the original suggestions. To use D&D parlance, I’d like to keep the CR the same, while introducing some more variability.

The fact that the red dragon, one of the most intelligent of opponents, routinely blows fire down a row/alley of the battlefield which is devoid of heroes, just seems kinda ridiculous. I mean, it’s literally the logo and name of the game!

+1 to Mkb617’s suggestion about a new challenge dungeon. Agreed with that!