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Making Critical Team Choices - Need Advice

Hey fellow dino hunters. Trying to make a few critical decisions on team make-up. It would be helpful if you said why you thought one approach was better than another for team balance. Given that boosts are here to stay and that they have become even rarer (no arguments from me) it is important to know who to level up and allocate those boosts to. I truly appreciate everyone’s input.

  1. Utasino - One of the most critical decisions and this comes up over and over, is do I go with Utahsino or Utarinex? When the new meta favored immunity I changed over from Rinex to Sino. While stun doesn’t work for either it seemed that critical impact might be more useful than distracting impact. With the coins and DNA I have now I could get Rinex to lvl 23 or 24 - or I could take Sino to 25, but he will be harder and harder to get to higher levels. Seems that health might matter, but Sino does have armor.

  2. Erlikospyx - Worth bumping to lvl 22? My team already seems very much a glass canon team and thinking with how low his health is that he might only be a rat magnet.

  3. Monostego - Is he worth getting to the team level anymore? I know people were upset with the nerf, but have found new ways to use him.

  4. Dio - Can take Diorajasaur to lvl 22 and maybe even 23. I know it dropped from Tyrant to High Apex. Is it worth a spot on this team?

  5. Had Phoru on the team (overboosted) in the previous version and it did its job well. Thinking that at 22 and with limited boosts it may not be a good fit for the team these days.

  6. I could also level up Styg or Tuora, but they don’t seem all that relevant at the moment. Even though someone did destrou my team with Styg earlier today.

Anyway, would appreciate any insights or advice. Thanks!

I told myself that I wouldn’t level up a non-unique past 20 unless I felt super sure it was a safe long lasting investment that would truly help my team. That being said I have leveled Monosteg to 22 since the Dig In update. I find Mono as a good sturdy control dino that I use to ko a weakened annoying dino (often poor Wrathomimus :cry:), or I love to counter Rat SIs, or to block a Erlidom rampage, often Dig In is a great Wrathomimus rampage counter too. This dino is still vary versatile but it definitely should have more attack.


you need some beef with BITE. bring up dio and stego. decide if you want torex or thor, i prefer thor. and spyx over dilora. basically replace utasin, dilora and torex/thor. indo over rinex isnt a bad decision. proceras distracts can make it beefy so play it by experience. if its a liability i would go with something like maxima.

if you go speedy heavy, you will have to spend money on speed boosts

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Thanks @Procerathomonomimus and @Pateradactyl!

My Thor just got to the point I could level her to 26. Was looking at this. is she still good in the new 1.10 meta?

Trying to get to Maxima or Gemini, but parts are so hard to obtain right now. So close!

Right on with Torex. Love that cute face, but not sure she is a good fit any longer. Not without and instant strike or stun. Dio, even at a lower level, may be better,

Montostego is soooo tempting right now. Just not sure it brings enough bite.

Spyx does have advantages over Dio, just worries that I won’t be able to level it past 22.

Have only applied boost to those I know I am keeping on the team, like Tryk, Erli, Indo and Procera

Yeah my team is 24-21, I’m 4820-4600 and my team is completely unboosted but my mono is strong and works fine for me.


Yep, about the same. Sitting at 5090 now with a team of 22 - 25. Just started boosting a bit. Keeping it going in small doses though. Only 4 dinos boosted at the moment, waiting to see what comes next.

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I am also working on Maxima and I’m nowhere near Titan but it’s nice to know someone else doesn’t have either one.

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Oh yeah, and I have the lvl 22 Magna as well, almost forgot about her. She would need some boost and that one is a slow grind to higher levels…

I love Magnum! But yeah I struggle all week to get a 10 fuse, not sure I’m gonna be able to keep mine in team. Would leave it until it’s at least team level.

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Thanks - will be ages to do that unfortunately. Dime is just impossible to find around here.