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Making Cunning creatures viable in a boosted situation

Cunning creatures suffer in boosted situations from having to boost speed at the expense of damage and health. My proposal is simple.

  1. Give Cunning creatures a 10% damage buff.
  2. Give Resilient creatures a 10% armour/health buff.

The stat buffs should be on a case by case basis so this is just a starting point.

Fierce creatures bypass armour so the Fierce/Resilient matchup is unchanged.

Cunning creatures cannot bypass armour so the Cunning/Resilient matchup remains roughly the same.

When boosted, Cunning creatures will be able to invest in speed without adversely affecting their damage output.

That said, this would be a large change to creature stats across the board, so I am a little hesitant about it. Just throwing it out for discussion.

I’m not sure about that. What about lowering the maximum amount of speed boosts creatures can get. Instead of 2 each tier it’s only 1. A creature with 107 speed will only be as fast as 127 If max boosted. A chomper like that could outspeed most tanks but won’t be a threat to speedsters. That way they don’t have to boost too much speed just to deal with nitro chompers.