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Making Custom Silhouettes For Your Creatures

Since I’ve been making some silhouettes for my creatures, I thought I would make some for other people. Before you all begin requesting, please read the following for rules on this topic, as well as some extra information.

  • Only one request per person at a time. This is to prevent one or a few people from spamming requests without the chance for others to get their requests done without waiting for too long.

  • I will mostly be active on weekends, and I may only get one silhouette done per day on the weekdays, if I make any at all.

  • These silhouettes are made completely from scratch, and I’m not the best when it comes to proportions, angling, general art, etc. If you are not satisfied with the silhouette, you may request for me to redo it, but I’ll only remake it a few times at most so I don’t end up constantly making the same silhouette over and over.

  • These requests will be done in time order, meaning the earliest request not complete will be worked on before the more recent ones. I don’t have much free time on the weekdays, and even then I may spend that time on other things, so keep that in mind, and please be patient with your requests.

Once you have read all of the info/rules, you may begin requesting!


How about tarbosaurus + sarcosuchus?

Any specific body/rig for it?

Crocodile rig.

grylenken with irritator GEN 2

terror bird rig and body

I would like to see a hybrid of my favorite dinosaurs; Spikacristas, if possible.
Spinosaurus body (either the JP version or the real one works, use whichever you like the most), Kentrosaurus spikes and Parasaurolophus head crest.
Thanks in advance!

Could I request a silhouette for a redesigned hybrid?


Paleopython (custom common snake) + scolosaurus

Snake rig

Yes you can.

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Here’s the silhouette! I haven’t used it yet, so I hope it isn’t too small.
Tarbosuchus Silhouette


no lets reword that

Can you make a silhouette of alanky and scuto please?

@HolyPoly1026 I would like tarbosuchus plus concavenator. I would like tyrannosaur rig for this one.

Make sure you (and anyone else) posts these creatures in the Our Custom Creatures thread next time. Just @ me if you want me to see the creature there.

Omg, you are so good…

Can i have… Grylopholenken
(Terror Croc + Frillled Boi)
Grylenken Rig…

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Grylen Irritator Hybrid Silhouette


10 things

Can you make one of a spinosaurus and albertosaurus please? Thanks!

hmm, nice one
its cool and you make it fast aswell


These usually take about 10-20 minutes, but may take more depending of how much of the body or detail is shown in the silhouette. I’m glad you like them though!

Could you please do a yutyranus, medium carnivore rig such as carno and megalosaurus etc. Thank you!