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Making diversity in the trophy count

Now in the arena and tournaments we got rounded points (eg. ±30) so there is lots of ties.

Could you please adjust received points by add/subtract 1 point depends on relation to your opponent in trophy count before fight? So:

+31 if you win with stronger opponent
+29 if you win with weaker opponent
-31 if you lose with weaker opponent
-29 if you lose with stronger opponent

It’s not 20 vs 40 so everyones should be fine.

I’d rather it swing from 25-35… 20-40 was always to extreme and wasn’t working right… on top of this people in the top 50 maybe top 100… should all be considered “equal” their shouldn’t be trophy handicaps then your that close to the top.

I said for months before it was even added that it should be -25/+30 for some variation.

I said this because of how many people got crammed together with the same score in the weekend tournaments when everyone started at 0. It made for people with the same scores to get different rewards, not fair at all.