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Making Epic DNA tradable

Note that this system is pretty flawed, but!

The way this would work depends on the creatures superhybrid(s). For instance, Spino2 makes a spyx, so you can trade it for rex, erliko, diplod, etc. Meanwhile, Schapotator is already a superhybrid, so it can only be exchanged with epic superhybrid DNA.

This way we don’t have people trading koolaid for diplod (easy to get, worthless, vs, hard to get, awesome) the only flaw would be that globals could be traded for exclusives, but there isn’t a lot I can do about that


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Essentially this is what players worry most. People creating alts to farm event dinos then trade with themselves.

I would prefer they be requestable once a week from alliance. Its easier to limit and helps alliances work together to support each other.


Seriously except the top players who will spend Diplod dna for an another epic ?

Noobs or someone that desperate I.e. 50 erliko from erlidom

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That’s a good news cuz I know someone who loves Erlidom lmao

You did not know me when I was fusing erlidom, I was desperate

Granted I’m proly start fusing Gemini soon so…

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Well good luck I wish you’ll not getting these hideous 10

No ima FIP for a month or 2

I still got 1300 dna to go tho

Ouch well hopefully we’ll got Diplo in alliance missions and week’s themes cuz FIP isn’t funny

Unless this happens and someone in my alliance really wants Spino2 or Ptero (my ptero stock didn’t go below 2500 fusing Orion)

Lol I’ve done every diplo event and always darted him 9/9

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Yes but no one would give any because Ludia and the exclusives power

Same issue with any DNA. If everyone is willing to work together everyone benefits.

Trading works too just that a lot.of foul calling will happen. Seems its hard to believe that top players actually put top time into making themselves top.

All they have to do is make the donations in increments of 10 Basically level 16-20 gets 10 per click, 11-15 gets 8, 6-10 gets 6 and 4 and under gets 2.

Obviously it would be 5 full donations max the bar, so you’re only gonna get a max of 250 epic per request. Seems low enough to not worry about “laundering” and whatever else people are complaining about.

What would really be awesome is the ability to sell DNA on eBay.

Lol that pretty good

You would need to pay to get rid of all that concavenater and Barry dna.

Would you like to trade epic DNA?

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